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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Little Dan @ SAMC 2010

This boy is such a bad boy…
wouldn’t allow the nurse to take his temperature
(well, she attempted to put the thermo into his behind bah…)

He won’t let any of the pretty nurses there come near him…
he’ll start growling…
so I had to secure him on the table and pamper him like a giant baby!


At the end, they have to use the “hempit”* method to give him the injections…

*they squeezed him between the wooden door and the grill door  so that he can’t move and gave him the shots! (don’t worry, there’s enough space there, and only lasted about 5 seconds)

Seeing this ordeal Little Dan had at the animal hospital, I’ve decided to opt for the annual injections (instead of monthly) and this cost me RM150. But it’s well worth it, and it also save me the time and effort to send him nearly 15km away from home for the shots every month.

Oh ya, before he was give the shots, they checked his blood sample and commented that he is such a healthy dog! Clean blood! :) Of course, looks who’s the owner! The nurse even commented that he must not even been bitten by a mosquito! Hahahah… look at his fur, there’s no way the mosquito could get to him!

After the hospital, we brought him to his home place, the place where he was born to meet his mother… guess what, he couldn’t recognise her at all and was aggressive towards her!


Dan, that’s mommy and the one over there is your half sister… you know?

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