cracker: a bragging liar

~ definition by Merriam Webster

... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Gum Ulcer

After suffering a week of teethache, a big ugly ulcer showed up on the gum just above my front teeth… Below are info I got from the net:

Gum ulcer is a form of mouth ulcer. Most mouth ulcers appear on the inside part of the cheeks, though they also are found on gums (gum ulcer), under the tongue, and the inside part of the lips. These are quite small to look at, but extremely painful often making drinking and eating an ordeal.

There are many things that are believed to cause mouth ulcers - viruses, weak immune system, Crohn's Diseases, acute gastritis, stress, hormonal changes in the body, allergies and so on. Doctors usually recommend that you take an allergy test to find out whether the eruption of mouth ulcers is due to any allergy or any other reason. Vitamin and mineral deficiency also are known to cause this problem and this can be treated by simply making up for the deficiency with the help of health supplements.
There are times when you would be unable to identify the exact reason that causes your gum ulcer. At such times the best approach is to use herbal or natural remedies for your problem. There are many such cures out there that would provide you fast relief no matter what causes the gum ulcer.

…. I have been on starvation mode for nearly a month, maybe that’s how I got Vitamin deficiency?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Japanese Nightmare Food

There’s this Japanese restaurant in Palm Square… heard a few friends talked about it… but I’ve never eaten there until now.

Food looks nice but taste not up to my standard…. and a bit too pricey… we had about five plates of sushi and that costs us more than RM50 already…

P1100122x P1100123x

This will be my first and last visit to this restaurant…

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me? A Potential Litigator?

Attended a client today who reads face…
the minute she stepped into my room she exclaimed I got very the aura of a righteous person and asked me if I take up court cases. I told her I am just a conveyancing lawyer.

She said, “What a pity, if you’d become a litigation lawyer you will be very successful!”

When she sat down she also said I must be still single, she said can tell… arrrrrrgh! So I guess I really have no luck in romance or marriage! Now that’s a real PITY!

Anyway, this is not the first time I was told about my being very “righteous”… I remember vividly what my Pupil Master told me once, that he thinks I am a person of integrity. When I asked him if this is a good thing or not for a lawyer. My Master said, it might not be such a good thing for a lawyer. Now, after 2 years plus of practice, I understand what he meant!

My “unbending” character some times get me into difficult situations of upsetting clients I can’t agree to… whenever I met situations where I cannot justify with my conscience or when I can’t tolerate “bad guy win” …

That is why I can’t imagine practising as a litigator…

Saturday, November 14, 2009

SGD dropped 0.015 cents (in RM)

Currency                            Selling        Buying

clip_image001 1 US Dollar



clip_image002 1 Australian Dollar



clip_image003 1 Euro



clip_image004 1 Singapore Dollar



clip_image005 1 Sterling Pound



clip_image006 100 Chinese Renminbi



clip_image007 100 Hongkong Dollar



clip_image008 100 Indonesian Rupiah



clip_image009 100 Japanese Yen



clip_image010 100 New Taiwan Dollar



clip_image011 100 Philippine Peso



clip_image012 100 South Africa Rand



clip_image013 100 Thai Baht



Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage for a Woman

Things You'll Need:
  • bathroom scale
  • flexable measuring tape
  • piece of paper
  • pen
  • calculator


Step 1

Weigh yourself on the scale. You must be truthful about your weight to get an accurate percentage. Take your body weight in pounds and multiply it by 0.732. Record your answer. Now take your answer and add 8.987 to it. This is your #1 answer.

Step 2

Measure your wrist at the fullest part. Take the measurement in inches and divide it by 3.140. This is answer #2.

Step 3

Measure your waist at your naval. Take this measurement and multiply it by 0.157. This is answer #3.

Step 4

Measure your hips at the fullest point. Multiply this measurement by 0.249. This is answer #4.

Step 5

Measure your forearm at the fullest point. Take the measurement and multiply it by 0.434. This is answer #5.

Step 6

Calculate your lean body mass. To do this, add together answers #1 and #2. Take this new answer and subtract answer #3. Take the new answer and subtract #4. Take the new answer and add answer #5. (answer #1 + answer #2 - answer #3 - answer #4 + answer #5 = lean body mass).

Step 7

Calculate your body fat weight. To do this take your body weight (weight on the scale) and subtract your lean body mass (the answer from step 6).

Step 8

Finally you are now ready to calculate your body fat percentage. To do this take your body fat weight (from step 7) and multiply it by 100. Take this answer and divide it by your total body weight (weight on the scale). This final answer is your body fat percentage.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Truth about Hunger

Most of the people think that empty stomach creates the feeling of hunger but this is not true. Hunger has nothing to do with an empty stomach.

For example, a person who has fever may have an empty stomach, but he does not feel hungry. Similarly when a child is born, he does not feel hungry for several days.

When the blood gets depleted of nutritive materials, a message is sent to our brain by our body through nerves. The deficiency of nutritive materials is caused in the blood by the consumption of energy in the routine work.

A sick man remains in a state of rest and consumes small amounts of energy. He, therefore, does not feel hungry for several days.

Whenever there is a deficiency of nutritive food substances in the blood, a message goes to the ‘hunger centre’ of the brain. This centre acts like a brake on the activities of the stomach and intestines.

When the blood has sufficient nutritive substances, the hunger centre stops the activities of the stomach and intestines.

On the contrary when there is a lack of nutrition, the intestines and stomach become active. That is why you can hear your stomach rumbling when you are hungry.


The above information is reproduced from here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Car Showers


After spending RM6 to get my car washed by the “experts”…

It rained… and my car gets a second shower!

It’s like fate… every time I get my car washed,

Calorie Conscious

How many calories does an average person need per day?

The average person needs no less than 1200 calories per day and no more than 1500.

How many calories do I need to burn to lose a pound of fat?

3500 calories is the rough estimate for the energy contained in one pound of fat. This means that to lose one pound per week, you must create a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Since a week as 7 days, that means a deficit of 3500 / 7 = 500 calories per day.

My Diet

My breakfast: Cafe 21 (60 cal)

My meals in between (as at when I feel hungry): Jacobs High Iron crackers (35 cal each)

My dinner: 2 scrambled eggs (170 cal)* + 2 slices Multi Bake white bread (170 cal) = 340 cal

So my daily calorie consumption = 600 cal (more or less)


*Hard boiled (80 cal); Fried egg (120 cal)


Why I prefer to diet instead of exercise?

Simply because exercise is too FUTILE to fight calories!
See for yourself below:

Calories Burned During Exercise **

(1 hr for 130 lbs person)

Jogging: 400 cal
Music playing, piano, organ, violin, trumpet: 148 cal
Walking (2.0 mph, slow pace): 150 cal
<10mph, leisure: 236 cal
Swimming laps, freestyle, light/moderate effort: 470 cal
Walking, upstairs: 470 cals

Jogging one hr only lose 400 cal!
I can’t stay on with an exercise that long!
And I can’t jog, can only walk a slow pace, and for that 1 hour of walking, I only lose 150 cal, I could easily lose the same by simply not eating one meal!

**For a calories counter for other exercises click here

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Motorist with Style


On my route to and from work, I occasionally see this couple on the road… first time I saw this lady, I thought this lady with big bushy hair was  so brave riding on a motorcycle without a helmet!

I saw her again today… so I can’t help but snapped a photo of her… and I didn’t realise then that she was playing with her “blackberry”…


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Seven Sins

Seven sins consists of "Lust", "Gluttony", "Greed", "Sloth", "Wrath", "Envy", and "Pride".

Look at the list… it includes “gluttony” and “sloth”… two sins I’ve deeply committed!

I eat too much and I lazy to exercise!

Hisk… I am a sinful person!
I need to repent!