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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just my Luck


Yes, I just get my car washed… and yes it rained… and it rained immediately after the car was washed and was ready to be drive out from the Car Wash… sigh! What else can I say?

After the car wash… I drove the car to the Service Centre for a routine service… and guess what, it rained heavier…


There goes my RM6 car wash!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Favourite Christmas Present

Magnetic Book Marks… music style… Love them!


Thanks Boong… from all the gifts you have given me over the years,
I realised you have known me better and better… I hope I’d be able to give you something you’d really love too one day…

Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hong Kong Porridge in KK


Missing Hong Kong?
Come to Wisma Merdeka Ph II!

Although I have yet to “test” their porridge…
Just look at the crowd and the queue and you’ll know they must be GOOD!

Must try the porridge one day!

Little Dan and Sis

dan and sis 

Little Dan “tucked in” with his new toy… Sis!

Aren’t they adorable? :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Farewell Party…

This year, the Firm sees a couple of off to their retirement,
then, there is an LA who decides to move on… and another LA decides to join the “big family”…


This is indeed a friendly firm to work with… but at the same time, it could be frustrating when a lot of things are not done up to standard! Taking calls for eg, till now lawyers are passed calls without knowing who is the caller! Ever!

Just a “F, line 8”… sigh!

Some times, staff may even step over onto the lawyer’s boundary… dictating what a lawyer should do… draft letters, prepare bill:

“F, my boss ask you to draft this letter.”

There are also times when you tell them to do certain thing certain way which is the right way, they say:

“But all other lawyers do it this way…”

But all and all… they are still easy group of people to work with. No one is perfect, and me included!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I hate Politicians

Read the news below {text in red were my personal thoughts}:

Legal profession precedent
(Published on Daily Express: 10 December 2009)

Kota Kinabalu: The definition of who can practise law in Sabah saw a historic precedent {what historic precedent, it’s written law under the Advocates Ordinance that a person is deemed to have Sabah connection if he/she is born in Sabah, we don’t need a precedent to establish the law} being set Wednesday when the High Court here granted an application for admission by a 27-year-old Sabah-born as an advocate of the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak.

Judge Datuk Clement Skinner said the applicant, Wendy Chan Poh Lu, whose father is a Bruneian and mother a West Malaysian, is qualified to practise in the State because of her birth in Sabah, thus dismissing objections from a senior lawyer.

"I therefore dismiss the objection because by virtue of her birth in Sabah, she is deemed to have Sabah connections which is the sole criteria for admission as an advocate to the High Court in Sabah and Sarawak," he said.

Chan, who was born in Kota Kinabalu, stayed in the State until Primary 5 before moving with her parents to Brunei. She read law at Bond University in Queensland, Australia, and graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Laws and Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Training (Professional Legal Training) in 2008.

She did her chambering with Alex Pang & Co here this year. Counsel Puan Sri Marina Tiu, in proceeding with the objection from counsel Christina Liew, who was not robed and therefore could not appear before the court, contested that the applicant although born in Sabah is not entitled to a Malaysian citizenship and, therefore, not a Sabahan in particular. {Who is she to object? If the AG and the SLA has no objection… who is she to object? Why no need object to the fact on what locus she is allowed to object?}

"The petitioner's father is a Bruneian and not a Malaysian while the mother is a West Malaysian. Therefore, under the immigration law, the petitioner is in fact not entitled to a Malaysian citizenship, in general, and she is not a Sabahan in particular," said Tiu. {The Advocates Ordinance didn’t require her to be a Sabahan… just need to establish she has Sabah connection!}

She argued that under the Advocates Ordinance, a person must have Sabah connection in order to qualify for admission to the Bar in the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak. {Which she has by virtue of the fact that she is born in Sabah}

She also said the constitution provides as to who can stay and work in Sabah, and the fact of the person being born in the State alone should not qualify the person under sub-section (2)(a) of the Advocates Ordinance.

Tiu submitted that the objection is to protect the integrity of the Bar and to prevent fly-by-night lawyers from coming in to practise in Sabah but residing outside Sabah.

"If this petition were allowed, it would create a dangerous precedent which would allow non-citizens to apply and to be admitted to the Bar. In theory, even the children of the holders of the IMM13 document (which gives the holder a refugee status and gives the holder the right to stay and work) to apply and be admitted to the Bar.

"It's a matter of public concern because even an illegal immigrant who is born here and we have millions of immigrants here who can qualify under paragraph (2)(a) provided he also satisfies the other requirement in the Ordinance," said Tiu. {Yes, if the illegal immigrant managed to pull through law school and managed to secured a chambering place in a local firm… that’s a miracle already then what’s wrong with admitting the person? By the way, if a person is born in Sabah, can he/she still be considered “illegal immigrant”?}

Meanwhile, Sabah Law Association President Datuk John Sikayun stated that they did not object to the application because on paper the applicant had complied with the requirements under the Advocates Ordinance that she was born in Sabah. {Ya, who would check the lineage of a callie? Whoever are the parents, is the matter relevant at all?} Sikayun acknowledged the applicant is a holder of a Sabah identity card. But he expressed concern that the Advocates Ordinance is outdated and that it needs to be amended.

Under the provision of the present Advocates Ordinance of Sabah, the qualification to be admitted as an Advocate is that, the person applying must have connections.

Under Section 2 of the Ordinance, a person can only have Sabah connections if the person is born in Sabah, has been ordinarily resident in Sabah for a continuous period of five years or satisfies the Chief Judge that here or she is at the time of the application domiciled in Sabah.

In responding to Sikayun's submission, Skinner said the Sabah Advocates Ordinance was enacted in 1953 when it could not have been foreseen the problems which have been highlighted during the hearing of the present objection.

However, Skinner said: "It is my view that the remedy does not lie in this court but in the legislative process."

He earlier said that it is expressly stated in Section 2(2) of the Ordinance that a person "shall be deemed" to have Sabah connections if that person satisfies any of the three conditions.

"With this deeming provision, as the law stands at the moment, once a person is born in Sabah, he or she is deemed to have Sabah connections.

That is a statutory deeming and I see no further requirement that the person must go on further to prove that he or she is entitled to Malaysian citizenship.

"As far as being admitted to the Sabah Bar is concerned, once it is deemed that a person has Sabah connections, the requirement of Section 2 (2) have been satisfied," said Skinner.

Chan was among the 11 lawyers admitted as advocates of the High Court of Sabah and Sarawak.

The other ten were Doris Ng Chuan Rong, Feona @ Mechelle W. William, Jovena Lo Ziping, Sophie Lim Meow Yin, Chu Wen Ling, Rachel Jane Ongkili, Larina Wong Shiao Yee, Norlaily Anuar, Chong Chun Kiong and Zahrah Mohamed Fowzi, all of whose applications were not objected to by Sikayun and State Counsel Dayangku Fadzidah Hatun Pg Bagul of the State Attorney-General's Chambers.


I have had a very bad impression of this particular politician at the last SLA AGM… this is the second time she disgusts me. I think she just object to get her name in the news… sorry, I am not impressed at all.

I really don’t understand all the fuss about having “other people” practising as lawyer in Sabah… as if it’s such a privilege to be called a Sabah lawyer… for God’s sake, my pay is less than a factory worker in Singapore!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Living with Laimee


My pal who is now working in Singapore….

Oh… I miss those juice… SGD2.50 only okay (don’t be stupid and attempt to convert to RM)!

Every time I visit Singapore, I will be more depressed over the fact that Malaysians employees are being underpaid!

Our cost of living is as expensive as Singapore (at times Singapore is cheaper especially when it comes to imported goods) but our pay is just blatantly pathetic!

A factory worker in Singapore earns SGD2,000 a month
which is more than a lawyer in Sabah who earns RM4,000 a month (ie SGD1,600)!

Don’t tell me things in Singapore is expensive, it’s only expensive to RM earners!

As the cost of living in Malaysia and Singapore is about the same… imagine a lawyer who earns a monthly pay of SGD1,600 pay living in Singapore… although just for a short term of 5 days… I was BROKEN!

This is the long “breath-taking” route LM takes everyday to the nearest MRT station…


Singaporean OL can afford breakfast like this every morning because it’s only SGD3 thereabout (WARNING: DO NOT CONVERT TO RM).


Food court food is a bit more pricey but for a bowl of SGD5 beef noodle like above, the portion is big enough for two diet conscious girls to share.

Dear Singapore Shopping


Don’t ask me how much I’ve spent… it’s a small figure in SGD… but in RM that’s another matter… this is the first time I came back from a trip without much cash left… Singapore… is not a place for a ringgit earner to spend the worthless currency.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heavy Weight Professional Photographer?


Gosh… carrying all those lenses around his waist must quite a burden… 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MAS Meals

On flight route from KK to KCH:


croissant with chicken ham


bun with vege salad

En route from KHC to Singapore, lunch was served with a choice of either chicken bryani rice or fish steam rice.

I had the fish


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Habibi Suite


This used to be an unsightly abandoned grey building… located at the prime area of Signal Hill… and what more at its peak… it was so sad to see the building being in disuse like. Every working day, when I pass by the building, I will give out a sigh!

Mom told me, the building was built in her school days… and she has a photo of herself and her friends posing in front of the very building during construction back in the year of 1958! Which means this building is at least 50 years old!


I’m glad to see that now someone has finally refurbished it. Although I have no idea what is Habibi Suite (service apartment? motel? hostel?) or who owns it…