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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Living with Laimee


My pal who is now working in Singapore….

Oh… I miss those juice… SGD2.50 only okay (don’t be stupid and attempt to convert to RM)!

Every time I visit Singapore, I will be more depressed over the fact that Malaysians employees are being underpaid!

Our cost of living is as expensive as Singapore (at times Singapore is cheaper especially when it comes to imported goods) but our pay is just blatantly pathetic!

A factory worker in Singapore earns SGD2,000 a month
which is more than a lawyer in Sabah who earns RM4,000 a month (ie SGD1,600)!

Don’t tell me things in Singapore is expensive, it’s only expensive to RM earners!

As the cost of living in Malaysia and Singapore is about the same… imagine a lawyer who earns a monthly pay of SGD1,600 pay living in Singapore… although just for a short term of 5 days… I was BROKEN!

This is the long “breath-taking” route LM takes everyday to the nearest MRT station…


Singaporean OL can afford breakfast like this every morning because it’s only SGD3 thereabout (WARNING: DO NOT CONVERT TO RM).


Food court food is a bit more pricey but for a bowl of SGD5 beef noodle like above, the portion is big enough for two diet conscious girls to share.

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