cracker: a bragging liar

~ definition by Merriam Webster

... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blood Pressure

Went to see a doctor the other day, and I just can’t remember what blood pressure readings the doctor told me, was it 180/20 or 120/80 because I’m not well versed with blood pressure readings.

I went home and told my mom, doctor said my pressure was 180/20 and it’s normal, my mom was jumping up and down saying that’s so high… so I thought I’d better “brush up” my blood pressure knowledge.

Here’s something I got from the internet:

Blood pressures are now categorized as normal, prehypertension, hypertension stage 1, or hypertension stage 2. The categories are defined in this table:


Systolic BP (mm Hg)

Diastolic BP (mm Hg)


below 120


below 80


120 - 139


80 - 89

Hypertension Stage 1

140 -159


90 - 99

Hypertension Stage 2

160 and above


100 and above

Maybe I should get my blood pressure another test…

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cute AC Chargor for my Ipod?

_Tempo Dimage Xi1

Elecom Mini Cube-shaped 100V AC Charger

Answering calls in Office

Phone rang...

Me: Hello, F speaking...
Caller: oh she is speaking, then I call later...
Me: No, I mean I am F here...
Caller: oh...
Me: How can I help you?
Caller: What you mean you cannot help me, I have not tell you my problem yet.
Me: No… I mean in what way I can assist you…

They speak fluent English but don’t understand normal phone call etiquette!

That’s how it is in Sabah.

At home, I would get callers that can only say “hello hello hello”
and then expect the person answering the phone to ask them what they want first
instead of asking to speak to the person they want to speak to…