cracker: a bragging liar

~ definition by Merriam Webster

... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rainex Before and After

Before application:

After application
Just look at those water drops…

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lightning Image


How to catch a lightning with the Moon?
I did it using Film Mode and then printed the image from the video images…


Mt Kins

Mt Kinabalu view from Jalan Lintas…
I know it’s really dangerous to snap a photo while driving,
but I just can’t resist the Kinabalu temptation!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wait… wait, wait, wait!


Spent the entire morning waiting at the High Court Registry… waiting case to be called… just to spent less than a minute in the chamber…

The white building from the top left corner is where the Firm is… yes, I can see the office from the court… and the yellow flower tree is always there on the right…

I just wish I can get back to the office soon!

Bank to today’s matter.

I was there to make a person bankrupt (to bankrupt a person is how I would say it, but that’s not “proper English” right?)… Anyway, this guy showed up proposing to pay RM250 monthly instilment to our client (the bank) until the debt is paid off.

I then informed the SAR (as instructed by client) that the guy had a Mercedes Benz which could be sold off to pay the debt, instead of the proposed meagre RM250 per monthly (yes, I was merciless). The guy then informed the SAR that the car was under his name but was not his, and what more, it has now been transferred back to the Datuk’s name (what?!).

Outside the chamber, I “beh tahan”* (already waited too long in court and was told cannot enter RO/AO against the debtor, forgive me) and asked the guy why was he in debt in the first place.

“Oh, this loan was under my name but actually not my loan but Datuk’s adik’s…”

“Then, why not you ask the Datuk to help you settle the loan since it was his own family problem to start with! And why you agreed to transfer the car back to Datuk’s name? At lease you could have sold off the car. How are you to settle the debt now? RM250 a month is not going to be pleasing to the bank…”

“I will talk to Datuk’s representative … … ”


I used to be very sympathetic with these people but after a few of them in court, giving all kinds of excuses to avoid paying off their debts… I am not as believing… all these debtor could be driving fancy cars living in a luxurious mansion… while here I am can’t even decide whether to take a premium or non premium MyVi!!!


* can’t stand it anymore

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RM2,800 worth of accessories

Sales girl from the Car Show Room told me the MyVi Auto I ordered has not the color I wanted...
But I insist to own a Medallion Grey MyVi

Then the pretty girl suggest if I could take the Premium version instead, because for that model the color is available.

But of course that means I have to fork out another RM2,800!

And what does a premium model has in additional?

Well, beside the ABS and airbags which are of no interest to me!
(all I’m concerned with the plate number and the color of the car! ;p)…

it has an audio system with USB and bluetooth functions…
 Audio x

an optitron meter with “new color”… like duh! so what?!
Optitron Meter x

driver seat with adjustable seat height…
Seat Height Adjuster x 
Err… I don’t think I’d need that!

Shopping Hook x 
and… a shopping bag hook!!!
What can I say?


There you have it, RM2,800 worth of accessories…
I can get a brand new DSLR for that amount of money…

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My First San F

This was my first taste of San F and I ordered mango instead of coffee... and I was a bit disappointed...

The Mango Madness barely taste mango...
which made me "mad" indeed!

The Blueberry Cheesecake?
The crust was a bit soggy...
The cheese was not cheesy enough...
The blueberry was not berry-ish enough...

Yes, I complain a lot!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Before and After Haircut



Now Little Dan (5 months old at 10 KG) can see...
Mom renamed him, Giant Dan
Brother A renamed him, Godzilla Dan


After finishing his meal, he would still beg for more food from our dining table... especially from dad who refuse to listen to my telling him not to feed him from his place...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Trustworthy Lawyer

I was drafting this Sale and Purchase Agreement wherein one of the clause pertains to the payment of the balance deposit money by the purchaser to our firm to hold as stakeholders until a caveat memorial number in obtained and then to release the money to the vendor.

After vetting the draft, the purchaser reverted with an email saying:

If we pay the full and solicitors not responsible and he refuse to pay, how?

Here’s my reply:

All legal firms are required to be insured under the law, our firm is insured up to RM6 million. A lawyer hold the purchaser's money as stakeholders in trust and deposit the money into the Client's Account which cannot be withdrawn by the lawyer without client's consent or authorisation. Therefore if a lawyer commits breach of your trust (let say, took your money and make a run for it), the firm is liable to pay.


Many people (if not all) don’t understand why should they hire a lawyer when he/she basically just do some paper work (it seems), affix a rubber stamp with the lawyer’s name on the document to attest it and then charge them a hefty legal fee for it (telling people it’s a standard fee).

They don’t realise the reason why they are coming to a solicitor’s office for an agreement. Why can’t they just go any where, and get their signature signed by anybody, bottom line is the document is witnessed, isn’t it?


Why you go to a lawyer is because:

Legal firm has a Client’s Account, where client’s money could be deposited. This account is governed by law and untouchable by the firm or the lawyers. As such, the lawyer or the firm acts as the reliable middle person (“stakeholder”) and receive money or document of title of the purchaser and the vendor and are responsible to keep them in safe custody. In case of lost or manipulation, the firm is insured and is able to repay you if they are liable. And that’s why you can have peace of mind with a firm handling your documentations.

Lawyers can be trusted not just because they are lawyers, but because they are insured!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Medallion Grey Spotted

P1050566 cropped

Finally spotted a Medallion Grey MyVi on the road... and on Kionsom Road for that matter!

P1050566 recropped

Monday, March 16, 2009

Macau Pork Bun

Ms MW was on leave today and came to fetch me from the office for lunch at Warisan Square... HK recipe... and I ordered Macau Pork Chop Bun (again)! :)


Here's the Macau Pork Chop Bun I had in Macau
And this is Macau Pork Bun I had in KK's Hong Kong Recipe @ 1Borneo:

The last one taste best...;p

Sunday, March 15, 2009

LHDN Owes Me Money

Overpaid my income tax again this year...
The money LHDN owes me are snow balling* every overpaid year as I have never gotten a refund.

The LHDN information pertaining to the refund of overpaid tax is not at all helpful! And the required documents for the application really puts me off:

Letter of confirmation by employer that the relevant deduction have been made in the relevant year(s). Use of Form PCB 2(II) is encouraged. The following information must be shown:
~The relevant year
~Employee's name
~Identity card number
~Income tax reference number
~Employee's number
~Deductions made in respect of the employee in the relevant year

Copy of EA/EC form(s) for the relevant year(s)

Copy of the monthly salary slip

I've read from a person's blog that after e-filing, he got the refund from LHDN automatically without having to do anything... Arrgh! Then how come I never receive any cheque from LHDN?




*2003 overpaid RM22; 2004 overpaid RM35; 2008 overpaid RM249!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Outgoing Saturday

To the Kolombong Saturday Market we went...
Sat Market @ Kolombong
That silky terrier there really looks like Little Dan!

Then we head back to Inanam Wet Market for breakfast.
Mom & Ms W
[Oh, the girl in the picture is my friend Ms W... the grocer at the market thought she's my mom's daughter, do they look alike?]

Beef Noodle
This is the beef noodle I've been having since childhood... when it was then RM3 a bowl... then RM3.50 and now RM4.00. At RM4.00 it is still the cheapest most delicious beef noodle you could find in KK!!! I'd tell you that... look at the portion of meat!

I have tried a few other beef noodle stalls around KK, still the one from Inanam wet market is still the best... Maybe it's the tender soft beef... Maybe I have got used to the taste so much that in my brain, beef noodle had to taste just like that to be considered nice...  maybe it's because I've been having it since childhood!Maybe maybe it's simply nostalgic!

Beef Noodle

Comparing to the beef noodle I had in Hong Kong


Friday, March 13, 2009

Funky Friday

Today's one of those rare funky Friday where I don't need to wear my penguin suit but... Arrrrrrgh! My soul, the Internet has been down since this morning !!!
I can barely survive a day without the Net.
I simply cannot function...

But I "had to" do something to rid "the emptiness" and so I started checked my file status, file by file! I used to do that every Friday... but recently I've been lazy and unmotivated to work!

As I was checking the file status... I found out I've been sitting on three or four files for a couple of months (OMG) which could have been disposed off immediately! Gosh...

Then, I suddenly realised that
the Internet has been down for a good reason!
So I'm glad in a way... despite losing my soul and the opportunity to talk with my virtual reality friend - LM.

Another thing, I finally have an assistance this month, her name is JL! So far she's been a good helper but I think I could have things done faster working alone! Now I had to wait for her to prepare the work for me to check then return the document to her for correction... ... ... (more and more repetitions) ... ... ... which is like double work and double waste of time!

As I am a very "gan jiong"* person, I have to restrain myself from doing some of the paper work myself. I know if I don't let her do her job, she'd never get the necessary training and exposures.

Anyway, I'm glad there's some one there for me now! At least I could go on leave with peace of mind. At least I could pass some of those annoying follow up calls to the developers or the banks or the borrowers to her... (I just hate making phone calls).

And I am now writing this blog because I've finished updating my file status :) and looking forward to a peaceful weekend! [wait till you read my PS]


This was my lunch today... Instant Daddy Mee with fried egg mata kerbau.**

* gan jiong = err... don't know how to describe it in English tiam!
** mata kerbau = bull's eye

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Complete Life

Bought a house (more like an apartment) two years ago,
adopted Little Dan before last year's Christmas,
getting a car this year...

LM exclaimed: so now your life is complete!

As if I have a house, a son and a family car...
and don't forget a 214k home loan, a 20k car loan...
and an off budget liability ie Little Dan's bringing up!

A complete life is more like a life burdened with debts and liabilities!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.... I am COMPLETELY broke!

Whose stupid idea was this?!

I need a new car... I was using an 11-year-old car which recently needs an overhaul! So when the Minister (whoever he/she is) announce the Mini Budge (I was hoping they'd just give us free Mini Walls ice-cream) and the RM5,000 scrapping incentive, I should be happy right?

But as I looked at the conditions:

Firstly, the car has to be road worthy!
My my old but loyal Tiara "hangkang" already lar!
If it can still move, why would I want to get a new car and commit suicide by paying monthly instalments I could avoid?

Secondly, the car had to be surrender for scrap.
What? ... you mean I have to fix my Tiara to become road worthy to be scrapped into junks of metal? Munasabah ke ni?



I didn't want to say more after the above, but a few days after this post, I read from the local newspaper that the "bat zih soh wai" incentive doesn't even apply to East Malaysia!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Little Dan Close-up


Why Little Dan is not focused at the center of this picture?
It's because this little guy is always on the move!
and it's already difficult enough to get him facing the camera...


Little Dan

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yellow Fever

Went to check out the Perodua Show House today...

Didn't like any of the colors...

I was hoping for something like this:

Wow! Wow! Wow!
A yellow myvi would definitely be my choice... sigh... if only the color were available. This spy shot of the yellow myvi taken before the face-lifted myvi was launched was not available at launch... so sad!

If not, I would definitely have gotten a yellow myvi... my first car was a Datsun Yellow Double-Cab!

Just look at that!