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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RM2,800 worth of accessories

Sales girl from the Car Show Room told me the MyVi Auto I ordered has not the color I wanted...
But I insist to own a Medallion Grey MyVi

Then the pretty girl suggest if I could take the Premium version instead, because for that model the color is available.

But of course that means I have to fork out another RM2,800!

And what does a premium model has in additional?

Well, beside the ABS and airbags which are of no interest to me!
(all I’m concerned with the plate number and the color of the car! ;p)…

it has an audio system with USB and bluetooth functions…
 Audio x

an optitron meter with “new color”… like duh! so what?!
Optitron Meter x

driver seat with adjustable seat height…
Seat Height Adjuster x 
Err… I don’t think I’d need that!

Shopping Hook x 
and… a shopping bag hook!!!
What can I say?


There you have it, RM2,800 worth of accessories…
I can get a brand new DSLR for that amount of money…

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