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Friday, March 27, 2009

Wait… wait, wait, wait!


Spent the entire morning waiting at the High Court Registry… waiting case to be called… just to spent less than a minute in the chamber…

The white building from the top left corner is where the Firm is… yes, I can see the office from the court… and the yellow flower tree is always there on the right…

I just wish I can get back to the office soon!

Bank to today’s matter.

I was there to make a person bankrupt (to bankrupt a person is how I would say it, but that’s not “proper English” right?)… Anyway, this guy showed up proposing to pay RM250 monthly instilment to our client (the bank) until the debt is paid off.

I then informed the SAR (as instructed by client) that the guy had a Mercedes Benz which could be sold off to pay the debt, instead of the proposed meagre RM250 per monthly (yes, I was merciless). The guy then informed the SAR that the car was under his name but was not his, and what more, it has now been transferred back to the Datuk’s name (what?!).

Outside the chamber, I “beh tahan”* (already waited too long in court and was told cannot enter RO/AO against the debtor, forgive me) and asked the guy why was he in debt in the first place.

“Oh, this loan was under my name but actually not my loan but Datuk’s adik’s…”

“Then, why not you ask the Datuk to help you settle the loan since it was his own family problem to start with! And why you agreed to transfer the car back to Datuk’s name? At lease you could have sold off the car. How are you to settle the debt now? RM250 a month is not going to be pleasing to the bank…”

“I will talk to Datuk’s representative … … ”


I used to be very sympathetic with these people but after a few of them in court, giving all kinds of excuses to avoid paying off their debts… I am not as believing… all these debtor could be driving fancy cars living in a luxurious mansion… while here I am can’t even decide whether to take a premium or non premium MyVi!!!


* can’t stand it anymore

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