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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whose stupid idea was this?!

I need a new car... I was using an 11-year-old car which recently needs an overhaul! So when the Minister (whoever he/she is) announce the Mini Budge (I was hoping they'd just give us free Mini Walls ice-cream) and the RM5,000 scrapping incentive, I should be happy right?

But as I looked at the conditions:

Firstly, the car has to be road worthy!
My my old but loyal Tiara "hangkang" already lar!
If it can still move, why would I want to get a new car and commit suicide by paying monthly instalments I could avoid?

Secondly, the car had to be surrender for scrap.
What? ... you mean I have to fix my Tiara to become road worthy to be scrapped into junks of metal? Munasabah ke ni?



I didn't want to say more after the above, but a few days after this post, I read from the local newspaper that the "bat zih soh wai" incentive doesn't even apply to East Malaysia!

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