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Friday, March 13, 2009

Funky Friday

Today's one of those rare funky Friday where I don't need to wear my penguin suit but... Arrrrrrgh! My soul, the Internet has been down since this morning !!!
I can barely survive a day without the Net.
I simply cannot function...

But I "had to" do something to rid "the emptiness" and so I started checked my file status, file by file! I used to do that every Friday... but recently I've been lazy and unmotivated to work!

As I was checking the file status... I found out I've been sitting on three or four files for a couple of months (OMG) which could have been disposed off immediately! Gosh...

Then, I suddenly realised that
the Internet has been down for a good reason!
So I'm glad in a way... despite losing my soul and the opportunity to talk with my virtual reality friend - LM.

Another thing, I finally have an assistance this month, her name is JL! So far she's been a good helper but I think I could have things done faster working alone! Now I had to wait for her to prepare the work for me to check then return the document to her for correction... ... ... (more and more repetitions) ... ... ... which is like double work and double waste of time!

As I am a very "gan jiong"* person, I have to restrain myself from doing some of the paper work myself. I know if I don't let her do her job, she'd never get the necessary training and exposures.

Anyway, I'm glad there's some one there for me now! At least I could go on leave with peace of mind. At least I could pass some of those annoying follow up calls to the developers or the banks or the borrowers to her... (I just hate making phone calls).

And I am now writing this blog because I've finished updating my file status :) and looking forward to a peaceful weekend! [wait till you read my PS]


This was my lunch today... Instant Daddy Mee with fried egg mata kerbau.**

* gan jiong = err... don't know how to describe it in English tiam!
** mata kerbau = bull's eye

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