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Sunday, March 15, 2009

LHDN Owes Me Money

Overpaid my income tax again this year...
The money LHDN owes me are snow balling* every overpaid year as I have never gotten a refund.

The LHDN information pertaining to the refund of overpaid tax is not at all helpful! And the required documents for the application really puts me off:

Letter of confirmation by employer that the relevant deduction have been made in the relevant year(s). Use of Form PCB 2(II) is encouraged. The following information must be shown:
~The relevant year
~Employee's name
~Identity card number
~Income tax reference number
~Employee's number
~Deductions made in respect of the employee in the relevant year

Copy of EA/EC form(s) for the relevant year(s)

Copy of the monthly salary slip

I've read from a person's blog that after e-filing, he got the refund from LHDN automatically without having to do anything... Arrgh! Then how come I never receive any cheque from LHDN?




*2003 overpaid RM22; 2004 overpaid RM35; 2008 overpaid RM249!

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