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Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Outgoing Saturday

To the Kolombong Saturday Market we went...
Sat Market @ Kolombong
That silky terrier there really looks like Little Dan!

Then we head back to Inanam Wet Market for breakfast.
Mom & Ms W
[Oh, the girl in the picture is my friend Ms W... the grocer at the market thought she's my mom's daughter, do they look alike?]

Beef Noodle
This is the beef noodle I've been having since childhood... when it was then RM3 a bowl... then RM3.50 and now RM4.00. At RM4.00 it is still the cheapest most delicious beef noodle you could find in KK!!! I'd tell you that... look at the portion of meat!

I have tried a few other beef noodle stalls around KK, still the one from Inanam wet market is still the best... Maybe it's the tender soft beef... Maybe I have got used to the taste so much that in my brain, beef noodle had to taste just like that to be considered nice...  maybe it's because I've been having it since childhood!Maybe maybe it's simply nostalgic!

Beef Noodle

Comparing to the beef noodle I had in Hong Kong


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