cracker: a bragging liar

~ definition by Merriam Webster

... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Sixth Year


Without realising it, I’ve accumulated 6 pcs of Practice Cert…
Commencing mid June 2012 is my 6th year in practice…


Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Toy 2012 - Sony VAIO

I’m supposed to get a new camera, but alas, my Mini Dell died on me…
so I had to get a new laptop and ended up with this model…

My first Sony Vaio…


Saturday, October 8, 2011

From Ikea to Alam Damai

Safe and …. no sound!!!

From Ikea:




Thank God the glass planes are safe!!!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Dan’s new Vet


I’ve finally decided that I had enough of the previous Vet who won’t even touch my Little Dan during his visits… and switched to Century Animals.

When I stepped into the clinic, there weren’t a crowd… unlike what I usually see in the previous vet… the clinic is small but comfortable…

Little Dan was still a bit nervous…

Then Doc DL came out… a small but very nice and kind looking young chap!

When I put Little Dan up the examination table, Little Dan was shivering so hard that the whole table started to wobble… I was a bit embarrassed but Doctor just said “Don’t worry about, most dogs are nervous like that when they came up the table”…

Because Little Dan is not “very cooperative” we put a muzzle on his mouth… and the nurse checked his temperature (yes, she managed to, the last vet NEVER EVER succeeded in doing that).

What is even more amazing is, the nurse managed to draw blood from Little Dan’s leg! Doc Lim held Little Dan’s neck, and asked me to look into Little Dan’s eye to distract him from the needle… and although Little Dan did cry a little… the nurse managed to get blood sample from Little Dan!

WITHOUT HAVING to “kepit” him between two doors!

After ensuring that Little Dan is healthy and doesn’t have a any heart worm problem, Doc get ready the Pro Heart vaccine and asked me to hold Little Dan’s head… he administered the injection so fast but I was looking at him rather than Little Dan that I didn’t hold Little Dan’s head properly and Little Dan nearly snapped the Doc. But Doc just gave him a gentle whack on his buttock and gently warned him.

All through the time, Doc was talking to Little Dan, touching him and talking to us in either Mandarin or English… when he was speaking to Little Dan in English, my cute mommy even asked him to speak to Little Dan only in Chinese please, hahaha…


Look at that happy face after everything is over!
Little Dan’s injection will be due 27.08.2012!

NO MORE VET for a year… sure the boy is happy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to Walks

Rainy Season is finally gone!!!

And I started walking again… at Likas Sport Complex this time… not Tun Fuad…

We got beautiful sunset here as well, and beautiful friends also of course… not to mention the Bishop and our Church chief deacon also jogs here hahaha

Manyak VIP tu!!!


Recovered Autosave

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Calling Telekom

Me: hello, I would like to find out more about your wifi package for office, can I have your TMpoint Sadong Jaya's number please?
1800: Oh, we don't give out our TMpoint number, maybe you can call 100?
Me: Hello, could you please let me have more info on your wifi package for office?
100: Miss, for business customer, please call 1800
Me: I just called 1800 and was told to call you at 100... nevermind then can you please let me have your TMpoint Sadong Jaya's contact number
100: Sorry miss, we don't have our TMpoint number
Me: Nevermind, I will check the directory then
Me: Hello? TM directory? Can I have your TMpoint Sadong Jaya's number please?
103: Our TMpoint has no number miss, please call our customer line 1800
Me: ... sigh! Can I have TM hotline number to complain about your services?
103: Sorry miss, we don't have a hotline for complaints
Me: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh


Monday, July 11, 2011

Beh Tahan incident II

I just came from from court...
FP1: Bank is chasing for Datuk's drawdown
Me: Have you started drafting the DD? (which I have asked her to do since 01.07.11, ie 10 days ago)
FP1: You want to do it?
Me: Ha??
FP1: Ya I mean you want to do the DD yourself?
Me: You do it lar, I can't do everything (for you right?)

Who is ordering who around here ah?

If I already do prepare the loan docs for her, type my own letters and signs it, and now have to prepare the drawdown advice (for not so urgent files), why do I need an assistant then?

To “geek” my “sum” ah?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Much Longer…

I don’t know how much longer I can “tahan” my anger and keep myself from yelling at people…

This is what happened this morning

Me: The xxx files that I have asked you to change the cover and type in one extra work to the Landowner's name since last week, have you done it?

FP2: Sorry, saya tidak sempat buat lagi...

Me: Printing out the cover typing in one word would only take you about 3-5 minutes... and I saw you just left the files on the typewriter and I myself changed the cover already…

FP2: ...

Me: Have you called the Purchaser to pick up the SPA? (I've told her earlier on the Purchaser needed the SPA urgently to claim EPF)

FP2: I have called many times

Me: But the Purchaser says she never get any call from us and complained to the Developer

FP2: saya ada call

Me: Did you get through?

FP2: I called many times but no one answer

Me: .... What number did you call? Did you call the house number? There's a handphone number inside the file, did you call that number?

FP2: ...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Toy!

Yupe, a new toy…
and it’s an iPad2 with wifi + 3G

Of course I don’t have any more “allowance” for 3G subscription… but the new toy comes with a GPS chip!
I’ve got to try it out!

So, I took the iPad2… holding it in my hand with my iPod touch on the other hand… and went walking Little Dan!


By the time I went up the digi tower hill and came back, Little Dan already returned home on its own long time ago… the weather was so hot… when I get to sit down to check the readings…


Alamak… after the “burning” walk I only l burned 38 calories? That’s only about 2 tablespoon of cooked rice!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Peanuts & Truffles

They say you pay peanut you get monkey;
well guess what you get if you pay with truffles!

The secret in managing productive people is to use the “fly kite” theory or the carrot and the donkey trick!

You must let them “work” for it and WILLINGLY!

Reward them accordingly!

Being “fair” by giving same amount of bonus to entire staff is actually being UNFAIR to those how worked hard and will only demoralize them at the same time giving reason to the lazy incompetent staff to continue their way of working in the office!

I hope the Firm realise this soon… I just can’t bear to work with the Koala and the Sloth any longer…

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Work Routine

come to office no mood to work (arrgh can wait till tomorrow)
Tues start to panic (oh my God deadline coming)
Rushing everything like mad (no time to think even)
Finalise and tie up loose ends (instruct the staff what to do)
Hahaha... relax lar TGIF bah

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good Food with a Good Friend

 Enjoyed a good lunch with a friend at Sushi Tei @ Suria Sabah today…

06 June

Saturday, May 28, 2011

LD’s ordeal at the SAMC 2011

It’s time for Little Dan’s annual vaccination jabs…

He was thrilled when I suggested a “boot boot” ride and hopped onto my car eagerly and was happy all the way… until he finally realised where we were headed to… the Sabah Animal Medical Centre!

This boy some how remembered this was the place that caused him much pain… and refused to get down the car!


First it was the operation in 2009, then the vaccination jabs in 2010… and most recently, about half a year ago, he was jabbed for his cough… and the vet who is unable to touch him also didn’t help in calming him down… 

I only wish I could find another vet for his next vaccination…

After waited 1.5 hrs at the SAMC there were no stock for the Proheart vaccination.. and Little Dan was given a normally jab that would only last for one month… I can’t bear to even think about sending LD to the same vet every month for injections… not the stuck him between the doors jab again…

Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Dan’s eyes


Just look at those almond shape shinny brown eyes…

who could say no to Little Dan…

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Mondays in a week

I’m not in a good working mood today…
it’s a Wednesday and it felt like a Monday
because Tuesday was a public holiday…
arrgh… I hate Monday… and now Wednesday!

hey, did I just write a poem? lolz

Sunday, May 8, 2011


It seems like only yesterday when Gigi was still a puppy
and a very mischievous one…


Gigi is “big girl” now… and she turns out to be one fine dog…

I love it when we go for walks she would always turn back and wait for me… unlike other younger dogs (especially Little Dan) who would just race each other away…


Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Brand

Sometimes when I’m just too lazy to answer…

busybody: gimngit zok sin hai ah (wearing new shoes ah today)
me: mmm
busybody: magai phai zai (what brand)
me: mao pai (no brand)

but that didn’t stop busybody from further saying:
ng cor oh mao pai yah kor yee hao liang mar (not bad oh no brand can also be nice)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Fine Day

It’s been a long long time since my last jog (well okay, walk…) at the Likas Sport Complex… and what a pleasant surprise it was to found that they’ve extended the jogging track… these are photos snapped from the new “site”… with my iPod using LemeLemeHD.






Saturday, April 16, 2011

LemeLeme HD effect…

 This Apple Apps is simply awesome!

Just downloaded this apps from apple store to my ipod touch… It’s like I just got a new camera and it’s for free!

Look at these photos…


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ritz Legal Opinion on Bumi Lot

I wrote the following legal opinion in reply to a banker client’s letter…

In terms of (1): legality

Please be advised that the requirement by the Government for the Developer to allot certain quota of the developed properties to bumiputra is a Government policy aimed at securing property ownership by the bumiputras. Such policy requires that any property labeled as “bumi lot” be sold by the Developer to a bumiputra purchaser. Subsequently, when the individual title of the “bumi lot” is issued, it usually carries a term/condition that stipulates that the transfer of the title to a non-bumiputra is prohibited within the period of five (5) years unless permission has been obtained from the Government.

Such Government policy, however, does not affect legality of documents. As such, the 2nd Sale and Purchase Agreement and the Deed of Assignment entered between the Borrower and the Vendor (although entered within the five (5) years limitation) remain legal and enforceable. This follows that the Deed of Assignment and Power of Attorney to be entered between the Borrower and your Bank would also be legal and enforceable.

As long as the original document of title to the Property has yet to be issued, your Bank’s interest would be fully protected by virtue of the Facilities Agreement, Deed of Assignment and Power of Attorney entered between your Bank and the Borrower (“the said Loan Documents”). Albeit, upon default of payment by the Borrower followed by a foreclosure of the Property, your Bank may only auction the Property as a “bumi lot”.

In terms (2): transfer and charge

We have spoke to the Land Officer in Central Land Office, Mr Kevin Joibi, on 07.04.2011 concerning this matter. Mr Kevin stated that if the 2nd Purchaser had bought the “bumi lot” from the 1st Purchaser after the 1st Purchaser has bought the “bumi lot” from the Developer for more than five (5) years, despite the fact that the individual title has only been issued for less than five (5) years, the Land Office would accept the registration of transfer of the “bumi lot” to a non-bumiputra provided that the 1st Sale and Purchase Agreement and the 2nd Sale and Purchase Agreement be shown to the Land Office revealing the fact that the 1st Purchaser has sold the Property (without title then) to the 2nd Purchaser after the lapse of five (5) years.

Regrettably in our case, the 1st Sale and Purchase Agreement is dated 18.12.2000 while the 2nd Sale and Purchase Agreement is dated 13.10.2004 which means the 1st Purchaser has sold the Property to a non‑bumiputra within the five (5) years limitation.

Mr Kevin has confirmed to us verbally that under such circumstance, a transfer could still be accepted by the Land Office subject to the relevant approval being obtained and a land premium being paid.

However, we are unable to advise your Bank how much the land premium would be. In the event the Borrower could not obtain the relevant approval or pay the required premium for the transfer, it would not be possible to register your Bank’s charge against the individual title.

Mitigation of Risk

Upon issuance of the document of title but pending registration of the title to the Borrower’s name, your Bank’s interest would still be protected under the said Loan Documents as the status of the Property will remain as a Property without title although it would no longer be possible for the lodgment of a caveat against the Master Title (which has been surrendered for subdivision) to further secure your Bank’s interest.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Casing for my ipod touch

Spent RM89 for a new casing for my ipod…
bought it from Karam-mun-sink’s Mac Borneo

They finally have a few choices of cases for ipod now…
The last I went, they have only got one ipod casing for sale… and it was a dark, black masculine casing that I didn’t like…

This time, I asked if there’s any transparent casing and the sales girl showed this soft casing to me… wow, I love it!


And came with Screen Protector too (which if bought separately cost RM59! Apple pricing… go figure!)


Also bought an AC charger and a USB car charger from the shop next to Mac Borneo… well of course at a  much much lower price!


Yay… more music with more style… it’s been a good day!
Shopping always make me feel good… :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Three Tenors

Cool… I mean beyond cool…

What’s the most difficult musical instrument to learn and master?

Answer: vocal cords

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Solar Charger!!!


Charging your iphone/ipod with solar energy!

Find out more here


Solar is the future… forget nuclear energy!

Bumi Lot Dilemma

We have a problem at the office.

We have a customer who wish to refinance her loan from one bank to another. And we are acting for this other bank. During our preparation for the loan release, we realised that the customer who is a pure chinese has actually bought a property tagged as a bumi lot!

Now, if she has bought it from the Developer directly, the issue might not be so complicated, problem is she has bought the property under a subsale from a bumiputra! And the most curious thing is that her previous financier approved her loan!

How did the sale AND the loan went through is not for us to know as it was done by another firm and the lawyer in charge then apparently is no longer with that firm.

For one, the Developer endorsed their consent for the subsale of the bumi lot from a bumi to a non bumi! When enquired with them, they simply say, well they did “point out” to the solicitors handling the subsale that the property is a bumi lot… Is that all that is to the Developer? They will consent as long as the administration fees for the consent is paid? Developer will not be responsible if subsequently when the individual title to the property is issued it can’t be transferred to the sub-purchaser who is a non bumi?

As solicitors for a finance institution, our concern is that if subsidiary title is issued during the term of loan, land office would not allow the transfer of the subtitle with a bumi lot restriction endorsed thereon to the supurchaser (the customer) directly. If the customer can’t get her title to the property then our client, the bank’s charge cannot be lodged as well!

The other firm that handled the subsale brushed off the matter lightly saying in their letter that they have spoken to one land office officer who told them that bumi lot title only means that the property will be restricted from sale to non bumi for a period of 5 years, and that 5 years runs from the date of the Sale and Purchase Agreement (as in this case, when the customer bought the bumi lot, the bumiputra first owner has owned the property above 5 years).

BUT, even if the Developer had signed the Memorandum of Transfer to the sub-purchaser in escrow… technically, I would think, if the sub title is endorsed with a restriction to a bumi owner, it’s not possible to effect the registration of the direct transfer of the subsidiary title to the sub-purchaser who is not a bumiputra!

Because the title would specifically states that the issued title is a bumi lot and that “the owner” cannot transfer the title to a non bumiputra within five years! Ie, the title already “assumes” the first owner to be a bumiputra!

I vaguely remember seeing a bumi lot title not long ago but I can’t remember which file of mine… I will try to dig out that file and scan the relevant text here…

…. this article is to be continued …

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blood Pressure

Went to see a doctor the other day, and I just can’t remember what blood pressure readings the doctor told me, was it 180/20 or 120/80 because I’m not well versed with blood pressure readings.

I went home and told my mom, doctor said my pressure was 180/20 and it’s normal, my mom was jumping up and down saying that’s so high… so I thought I’d better “brush up” my blood pressure knowledge.

Here’s something I got from the internet:

Blood pressures are now categorized as normal, prehypertension, hypertension stage 1, or hypertension stage 2. The categories are defined in this table:


Systolic BP (mm Hg)

Diastolic BP (mm Hg)


below 120


below 80


120 - 139


80 - 89

Hypertension Stage 1

140 -159


90 - 99

Hypertension Stage 2

160 and above


100 and above

Maybe I should get my blood pressure another test…

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cute AC Chargor for my Ipod?

_Tempo Dimage Xi1

Elecom Mini Cube-shaped 100V AC Charger

Answering calls in Office

Phone rang...

Me: Hello, F speaking...
Caller: oh she is speaking, then I call later...
Me: No, I mean I am F here...
Caller: oh...
Me: How can I help you?
Caller: What you mean you cannot help me, I have not tell you my problem yet.
Me: No… I mean in what way I can assist you…

They speak fluent English but don’t understand normal phone call etiquette!

That’s how it is in Sabah.

At home, I would get callers that can only say “hello hello hello”
and then expect the person answering the phone to ask them what they want first
instead of asking to speak to the person they want to speak to…


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rainy Days are Finally OVER!!!

Yippie, horray!

Now that the rainy days are over…
and the country road are no longer muddy…
I can bring him for his favourite evening walks again…
well today, he dragged me (literally) out of the house for his walk at 330pm! He aint care the sun is still shinning and that “his slave” will get sun tanned…

Just look at him running up and down the hilly road as if he’s racing… that’s a 6s clip… who can beat that!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nước Mắm Chấm - Vietnamese Dipping Fish Sauce -

3 tbsp lime juice by squeezing fresh lime (I used key limes)
2 - 3 tbsp sugar
½ cup water
2 ½ tbsp fish sauce
Optional additions:
1 or 2 bird eyes chilies, thinly sliced
1 small garlic clove, finely minced
1. Make limeade. Combine the lime juice, sugar and water, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Taste and as yourself this question: Does this limeade taste good? Adjust the flavors to balance out the sweet and sour.
2. Finish with fish sauce. Add the fish sauce and any of the optional ingredients. Taste again and adjust the flavors to your liking, balancing out the sour, sweet, salty and spicy. Aim for a bold, forward finish -- perhaps a little stronger than what you'd normally like. This sauce is likely to be used to add final flavor to foods wrapped in lettuce or herbs, which are not salted and therefore need a little lift to heighten the overall eating experience.
Advance Preparation - This sauce may be prepared early in the day and left to sit at room temperature.
Variation - Use half lime juice and half canseugar or nypa or Japanese rice vinegar for a less assertive sauce. Some delicately flavored dishes require this.


adapted from Andrea Nguyen

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Wok Day of the Year

Wok Day, yupe, I meant WOK day!

Suddenly all Vendors refuse to grant extension of time for completion of Sale and Purchase Agreement and Borrower rang up scolding why I didn’t follow up with the Bank for loan release... hey, I am not your “little pony” ey!

Worst still... there I was like “an ant on a hot wok” (thus the “wok day”)... yelling at the secretary who can still act cucumber… not affected at all!

First thing in the morning, I “demanded” her to finish advice drawdown because I want them out TODAY… she just “ya ya” at me…

Half day’s gone I don’t see any draft on my desk yet. I “Sabar” only… at till 4pm “beh tahan” liao, I asked her, any drawdown done yet? You want me to check for you after 5pm? She just reply’ “Ah, you check one first lar!” Aiyoh if you have done one edi, let me check lar need I ask you for it? Or she intended to finished all 9 drawdowns and then gave it all to me at one go? Goodness me!

People usually hates bosses that gave them work near close of office… well, I have a secretary who does that to me!

Sometimes I really wonder, who’s the boss?!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lost and Found


I’ve forgotten when (one of those Christmas Eve Concert rehearsal) but one day I found out I only got my car remote key’s casing… the “ingredient” went to twilight zone. I have no idea how to lost it because managed to use it to open my car door and drove back from the church.

Then today, I happen to found the chip quietly sitting at a small slot between driver’s seat and the car door… and sure enough the battery is also found not far from that spot… Lost and Found at last!

Lucky New Year 2011 :)