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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Nope, it’s not Shah Alam Magistrates’ Court but
Sabah Animal Medical Centre


Their Price List:


Their Philosophy


Their first patient this morning

Little Dan weights 13KG this morning… he lost 2KGs!

After further examination by Doctor R, it turned out that LD does not have Anal Sac Infection afterall but there is a tear wound right underneath his anus, and the smell was because the wound already infested with maggots!!!

No wonder he could sleep eat well, imagine worms wriggling through your buttom… poor thing has suffered two nights of unimaginable pain! I wanted to cry there at the vet clinic… my poor Little Dan…

Erm… I’ve took pictures of the maggots taken out and the lacerated wound… if you dare to see gross things, click here and here.

And here’s Little Dan in my car, after the operation. still wobbling as the anesthesia is just about to wear off!


Total medical fee costs me RM150.
Including antibiotic capsules and a can of maggot spray. 
(pictures later)

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