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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Wizard of Oz

Having read Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland over the last couple of weekends and finally finished reading The Wizard of Oz this morning... I have come to like The Wizard of Oz the best!

Peter Pan is adventurous,
Alice in Wonderland is imaginative...
but The Wizard of Oz makes me think!

That's what made me love the Wizard's story the best.


In The Wizard of Oz,
Alice was looking for a way home,
Scarecrow was looking for brains,
Tin Woodman was looking for a heart, and
Cowardly Lion was looking for courage.

Family, wisdom, love and courage!
Don't we all seek these in our lives...
we painstakingly work towards achieving these goals
thinking they were unachievable...
But the fact is, those were not things we could have instantly,
but things to slowly acquired during the quest of seeking them!

When Oz gave them what they had wanted,
the Courage Potion, the Heart made of velvet, the brains made of bran and needles... those were just decorations! Cowardly Lion, Tin Woodman, and Scarecrow have all already earned courage, good heart and wisdom along the journey they travelled!

As for Alice, she has the Silver Shoes on the feet on the first day which means she could have gone home the first day she got lost. But if she had known that, she would have had such a wondrous adventures with her friends...

Life is like that... :)
It's the journey, and what we experienced along the way,
and what we learned from it that is precious!

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