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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anal Sac Infection

Mom finds Little Dan smelling fishy… and that his backside looks wounded. But LD was not involved in any fights…

I checked his anal area and found out surely, that he has an infection there, not knowing what was it, I googled and found out about anal sac infection.


Apparently, only dogs and cats have this anal sac glands which purpose is to emit distinctive scent for each individual dog/cat to mark their territories.

If these glands got blocked, ie the liquid from the glands can’t be emitted with the pet’s pooh… it will cause an infection. And obesity is the likely cause of blockage! Sigh… LD is definitely obese (thanks to dad)!

LD has been restless over the weekends, he can’t seem to sit or sleep well. Keep licking his tail…scoots after he pooh and he won’t eat.

I bought him can dog food which is a treat to him during his healthy days, but he won’t touch it either. He still drinks, so I tried giving him some milk and he finished it.

I wanted to send him to the vet but as it is weekend, all vet clinics are closed… so we had to wait till tomorrow.

LD slept in my room last night, he is so “manja” when he is not well so I just let him. But he couldn’t sleep well through the night, which means I couldn’t sleep well too…

It will be another night of endurance tonight… its so heart breaking to see him like that’… I don’t know if it’s painful or itchy for him!

Just hope tomorrow after he sees the vet the ordeal will be all over!

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