cracker: a bragging liar

~ definition by Merriam Webster

... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vet Ordeal

Noticed Little Dan started to cough
I panicked because I worry it could be heart worm infection…
After losing Boyboy to that dreadful decease… I am not taking any risk
Next day brought Little Dan to the vet!

The vet didn’t even examine Little Dan, merely asked me what’s wrong, no blood test, no physical exam, not stethoscope… in fact she didn’t even touched Little Dan!!!

She just saw two words written on Little Dan’s medical card “anjing garang” (fierce dog) and decides she is not taking any risk! |||

I can’t help thinking in my mind: If you can’t love a dog… and willing to risk your “safety” trying to cure them, why become a vet?

I told her Little Dan started to cough like vomiting… the vet straight away says, “oh that’s kernal cough”… but from what I learn from the internet, when a dog coughs, it could be due to many reasons… and the vet should at least examine and listen to the dog’s lungs!

And because Little Dan is an “anjing garang” they have to trapped him between the door and the grill to gave him the injections… I hate to see Little Dan went through that ordeal… he freaked out and was crying… lucky the ordeal went over very fast but still made Little Dan shakey… just look at him after the injections, hiding below the chairs and poke him head between my mom’s legs for little security!


I have decided not to go to this vet anymore if I could choose not to!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ipod Touch 4g

Ordered this new toy today… can’t wait!

It will be my own Christmas Present to myself, purchased in faith of the “unseen” bonus I hope I am getting this month… (I’d better get one… )


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yamaha Music Concert 2010

When I was told the concert will be held at Sabah Trade Centre…
I went… duh! How to have a concert at an exhibition hall? I never knew there’s actually a mini theatre there! Here it is… I made a rough calculation (54 seats x 14 rows) of the hall capacity at over 750… that’s not bad! (We could have had our Church Christmas Concert here! Instead of using the parish hall which is not air conditioned and an acoustic failure!)


My performance is at the very end of the concert… an ensemble of music playing the Scars of Time (opening theme of the game Chrono Crusade)

And that’s me in the middle… playing the flute

The concert is finally over… now is the time to fully concentrate on the Church Christmas Concert... so busy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transfer by way of Love and Affection

I cannot agree to the ARR “panel”’s answer to Q13 (on the handout given to us on 20.11.10 “die-lock”)!

1st Schedule is based on “consideration or amount secured”, not on “value” of property.

So even if we were to apply 1st Schedule to a MoT (by love and affection) transaction, the fees chargeable will be 0 x whatever % applicable in accordance to the 1st Schedule Fee (which correct me if I’m wrong, in accordance with Rule 2 under 1st Schedule ie 75% of the full scale).

However, there is a minimum scale charge of RM500 provided under the same Schedule.

As such I would take it that for love and affection transaction, there should be a standard minimal charge of RM500.

I do not consider conveyance on love and affection not worth of fees, but it is in fact a simple transaction. Work only involves preparing the MoT form, adjudication at SDO and registration at CLO.

In my practice experience, MoT by love and affection transactions are mostly genuine father and son or between spouse transactions, even the government allows them special exemption (parents to issue 50%, between spouse is 0%). I don’t see why we need to charge full scale based on “property value” on such transactions. To me, this kind of transaction even if we could only charge RM500 is a way back to the society as well (we are already getting so much charging full scales for SPA transactions and Loan transactions).

Most of them are local folks who only has one property their entire life and they just want to transfer that particular land or house to their children before they die. When I tell them they have to pay so much legal fees, they would ask for an alternative, and that would be a Will… but advise them it would be way more expensive when it comes to estate matter (where Schedule 9 applies). After hearing that, they would leave miserably… thinking why can’t they even “afford” to leave their property to their children.

And if the client is of rich family with a lot of properties, then charge each and every MoT (love and affection) transaction at RM500 separately (we would still earn enough, well maybe cannot go Europe tour but I’m fine with a trip to Hong Kong).

I don’t give a single cent discount to any other situation where ARR is applicable.

I just don’t think there is “consideration” involved in a love and affection transaction.
And I don’t consider charging RM500 for such transaction as being giving discount!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ipod touch

iphone minus the phone… that’s ipod touch
and that’s exactly how I would wanted it!

friends been switching to iphone one by one… but I was not at all tempted… a phone is a phone… and being a person who hates picking up calls… iphone just doesn’t appeal to me…

But… when I first saw ipod touch… I went “wow, I got to have this!”

Actually, I was looking for a voice recording device for my vocal class when my techno savvy brother suggested ipod touch…

It appeals to me because, I love music and I am an online geek~

This toy would definitely be on my Christmas shopping list… so that year end bonus better be “good enough” for me to pay for one!

You hear me?



Price listed for ipod touch: RM829 (16gb), RM1,079 (32gb) & RM1,399 (64gb).
I’m good with 16gb…. don’t really need that much storage for my mp3s.

Saturday, October 23, 2010



Ibumie was Indomie…
before it’s renamed Ibumie Always Mi Goreng

That time, we were all bewildered… what’s wrong with the name Indomie… racist issue?

Then, TV advertisement came: Indomie is Back!

Huh??? So Ibumie naming back to Indomie???

With the confusions not settled… Taiwan news said Indomie is not safe for consumption… alamak!

So, my mom bought a pack of Indomie for comparison…

apparently, Ibumie is Made in Malaysia


But the factory name and address is not published…
just simply Product of Malaysia.

On the other hand, Indomie is as its name suggest, an Indonesian manufactured mee!


So, now you know the difference…

Do they taste the same?
I have not tried the Indomie yet…
although I heard it was not as nice as the Ibumie!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

265 calories lunch


Milo 120 kcal + oatmeal cookies 145 kcal

Although it’s quite filling actually, it didn’t quench my urge to nib…
so i ended up eating 3 packets of the cookies ie 145 x3

And thereafter went out with colleagues to the nearby Indian shop and had roti canai and teh halia… sigh!

Irresponsible Parkers

Every time I get to hill climbing at Tun Fuad Park… I will be cursing these irresponsible drivers who simply park their cars by the side of a one way road… if there’s a car from the opposite direction, they expect me to squeeze through without scratching their cars… if I had to park like that I would be so worried about my car being destroyed when I come back to get my car…

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Card

I’ve using the old blue BonusLink card for about 10 years!
BonusLink never thought of issuing me a new card…
The corner of the card is torn off, and I requested for a replacement years ago
but the card never arrived…

Then I saw this so called “promotion” where you can get a Green BonusLink Card
for 500 points (yeah, nothing is free nowadays) and redeemed it.

At last, I got a new BonusLink card… but some time I wonder why I still want to keep this card! The points I get to collect from this card is so limited as I only use it at Parkson and Shell station! And the redemption point was always so high I never get to redeem anything…

Maybe I get about RM10 voucher in a year? That’s all for keeping this card…
I also “beh tahan” myself!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Third Most Beautiful Sunset of the World

Some one told me, Sabah has the world’s third most beautiful sunset...
I don’t buy it…


Why third? Who are first and second?

Who could have beat this sunset


P1130116 P1130135-1 P1130189-1 P1130193-1

Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Dan and His Prey


Sigh… he won’t stop until Little Sis is “dead”…

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Islamic Corporate Financing & Islamic Legal Document

At RM420 per head (early bird member price)… this seminar had to be a bit more “extravagant” and I guess that is why we were “pampered” with “more stationeries”…


Usually, we were only given ONE pencil and a few pieces of paper.
In the seminar we were give a pen, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a highlighter, a rule, eraser and even paper clips!


And look at the water bottle and the candy container… and the leather writing pad!!!

As for the seminar… I’ve learnt nothing new
but I did enjoy the food, especially the marble cheesecake and the mint tea

08 August1

Venue: Shangri-La Bitch (sit Beach) Hotel… :p

Saturday, July 24, 2010

From Canada…

MW bought me so many (almost too many) “omiyage” from Canada!!! 


The above did not even include the chewing sticks she got for Little Dan and a big bottle of Maple Syrup!!!

And despite being grateful, I scolded her for wasting so much money on me (ya I’m such a grouch) and that she should have bought more things for herself! Sigh… made me feel guilty for not getting her anything during my previous trip…

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Four Cs

Life as a salaried employee in Malaysia…

Car: checked (but under instalments)

Condo: checked (but under construction)

Credit Card: checked (but under paid)

Cash: checked OUT! (Sigh!)

So, do I have 4 Cs?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Green Tea Latte?


P1120967-1 P1120737-1

The one I had in KK is nothing like the one I had at Ikano, Damansara…

Problem with the KK’s is that the ice was not blended properly and there were still ice stones!

The one I had at Ikano was smooth and slide down my throat when I slurp it in…

KK… always sub-standard!

Friday, July 2, 2010

LD the Driver?


Little Dan loves a ride… and when I open the door to put in my handbag getting ready to drive to work,
he sneaked through the passenger side door and hop right into the car… I asked him to come down, he of course refuse and stayed there at the steering wheel as if “If you’re not driving me, I can drive myself!”

Yupe, that’s my love, Little Dan!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

DBKK Dog License


That’s it? just a cheap plate like that? Without even the doggie’s name on it…

Just “Jantan”? How’s that going to help dog owners when their dogs went missing?

And just look at this info I got from the DBKK website:


What you should know

  1. A dog licence must be renewed each year before 31 January.

  2. All dogs aged 6 months and above which are not wearing a valid licence medallion will be destroyed.

  3. Provide proper care to your dog and ensure that it is healthy and free from any diseases.

  4. Vaccinate your dog against any diseases and obtain certification from a veterinarian.

  5. Provide a suitable kennel for your dog and take care of its cleanliness so that it is free from faeces, urine, food residue and any source of filth.

  6. All faeces, urine and other filth from the dog should be disposed off properly.

  7. Control and prevent harm or detriment to the environment and the general public

    • A dog should not be allowed to roam outside its premise without control.

    • Dog should be on a leash when brought out for walks.

    • Ensure that your dog does not bark continuously to the point of disturbing neighbours.


The following are restricted areas to dogs:-

  1. Restaurant/eating premises

  2. Public vehicles such as bus, taxi, etc.

  3. Apartments/flats

  4. Religious buildings*

  5. Hospitals/clinics (except animal clinics)

  6. Kindergartens/schools and tuition centers

  7. Recreational parks**


(If you are found to have violated specified conditions)

  1. Fine

  2. Court action

  3. If found to be astray without licence of without control, your dog will be caught and destroyed.


*All religious buildings? oops… I brought LD to the church premises before… and why can’t I bring LD to the church… so that means I cant get LD baptised by the church?! :p

**All recreational parks are off limits to doggies? Then where am I suppose to walk LD?

If only I am filthy rich, I would build a park and name it “For Dogs and Dog Lovers ONLY”!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Friend and Nice Food & Drink

One thing I must have if I get to Ikano is the Chicken with herbs from Ikea restaurant… and since I only go to KL once a year, I only get to take this dish once every year! So the heck with the calories…

I shared this wonderful meal with a dear friend, MN… a pal since MLJ days… what else could beat a good lunch with a good old friend… (M, I didn’t mean “old” as in you know what, okay)!


After the meal we wandered off into separate ways in Ikano… I went to the music shop… M went to Harvey Norman… wonder what a nice lady got to buy in a hardware shop… huh?

Then we met again at Popular bookshop where I was too busy getting stickers for the children choir… we then headed for Starbuck…


Enjoyed this really nice Green Tea Latte Frappucino with Marina… I didn’t take a picture of us together… was too shy to ask if we could have a picture of us taken… it would seem so childish to ask such a question to a Datin rank friend, hehehe!

But I truly enjoyed the time we spent together… we talked like old friends… the time and distant didn’t diminish any of the closeness of our friendship… it was a really enjoyable gathering… only if Laimee could join us… the three of us would sure make a scene! Hahaha!

Laimee… tulah, why you only come few days after I left KL?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Wednesday = wetness-day…

06 June

I was lucky to get back home by 6pm…
I have a friend who was stranded in her office until 10pm…
her colleague called the bomba who came in an hour’s time just to tell them they are not fetching them out of there, and tell them to walk through the water themselves!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

Donggongon Tamu

By chance the Wesak Holiday this year falls on a Friday, so I decide to give mom dad a “joy ride” to the famous (but which this “frog under a coconut shell” only knows about last week…).

Donggongon Tamu is held every week from Wednesday evening until Friday night.

Apparently, it’s the largest tamu in Sabah!
And even my mom who is a tamu regular exclaimed that there are so much to see in this tamu!


There’s another reason why a lazy bum like me would be willing to drive mom dad 20 over km away to tamu…  because I heard they sell the Kadazan costumes here.


Was thinking whether I should get myself a set for the WACCM opening… but the price tag is RM230!!! So… I didn’t get it at the end.

Mom bought some vegies… and a school of karuk fish!
She loves having fish as pet too…


We are currently rearing them in a Cloud 9 choco bar plastic container… :p


PS: I lost my Guess sunglasses at the tamu… (finally a reason to get a new pair)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall


I put up a mirror on the wall facing me in my office so that I could see the window on my back.

I don’t know anything about fengshui but I feel comfortable having open view in front of me instead of a dead boring wall.

I don’t believe in the mystical fengshui but I do believe that if you are comfortably stationed you will work more efficiently and with that, success should tag along…

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Dan’s Metamorphosis

How did this tiny black puppy (which we called Little Dot in Chinese)…


turned into this Giant Lion King?


I always wondered if there have been two dogs…

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pet Please


Just so that Little Dan can come in my room anytime…
I’d show you why later… to be continued…

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Walks

I’d drive mom & dad for morning walks on Saturdays, whenever they don’t have class at the Sabah Theology Seminary.

Tun Fuad Park 17.04.2010


Likas Sport Complex 22.05.2010 05 May1

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain @ Tun Fuad

It’s been months since I last climbed the Tun Fuad Hill,
today, despite the drizzle… I made my way to the Park and started climbing… although there were only a few climbers… I just continued and prayed that it would not rain… but… it still rained!

I only managed half way… attempted to start climbing the second hill but before I could reach the foot hill, it poured!

Sigh… so I had to rush back down…
No sunset shot this time…
just rain and rain…


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Month One Kg ONLY!


It’s so difficult to lose weight nowadays…
I used to be able to lose a few kg in a couple of weeks…

Sigh… I am so depressed!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another morning with LD


Hee hee… what else you think he’s doing?

That’s about the only time when he would stay put for a photo shoot…
so, please forgive his manners…