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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Friend and Nice Food & Drink

One thing I must have if I get to Ikano is the Chicken with herbs from Ikea restaurant… and since I only go to KL once a year, I only get to take this dish once every year! So the heck with the calories…

I shared this wonderful meal with a dear friend, MN… a pal since MLJ days… what else could beat a good lunch with a good old friend… (M, I didn’t mean “old” as in you know what, okay)!


After the meal we wandered off into separate ways in Ikano… I went to the music shop… M went to Harvey Norman… wonder what a nice lady got to buy in a hardware shop… huh?

Then we met again at Popular bookshop where I was too busy getting stickers for the children choir… we then headed for Starbuck…


Enjoyed this really nice Green Tea Latte Frappucino with Marina… I didn’t take a picture of us together… was too shy to ask if we could have a picture of us taken… it would seem so childish to ask such a question to a Datin rank friend, hehehe!

But I truly enjoyed the time we spent together… we talked like old friends… the time and distant didn’t diminish any of the closeness of our friendship… it was a really enjoyable gathering… only if Laimee could join us… the three of us would sure make a scene! Hahaha!

Laimee… tulah, why you only come few days after I left KL?

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