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... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yamaha Music Concert 2010

When I was told the concert will be held at Sabah Trade Centre…
I went… duh! How to have a concert at an exhibition hall? I never knew there’s actually a mini theatre there! Here it is… I made a rough calculation (54 seats x 14 rows) of the hall capacity at over 750… that’s not bad! (We could have had our Church Christmas Concert here! Instead of using the parish hall which is not air conditioned and an acoustic failure!)


My performance is at the very end of the concert… an ensemble of music playing the Scars of Time (opening theme of the game Chrono Crusade)

And that’s me in the middle… playing the flute

The concert is finally over… now is the time to fully concentrate on the Church Christmas Concert... so busy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Transfer by way of Love and Affection

I cannot agree to the ARR “panel”’s answer to Q13 (on the handout given to us on 20.11.10 “die-lock”)!

1st Schedule is based on “consideration or amount secured”, not on “value” of property.

So even if we were to apply 1st Schedule to a MoT (by love and affection) transaction, the fees chargeable will be 0 x whatever % applicable in accordance to the 1st Schedule Fee (which correct me if I’m wrong, in accordance with Rule 2 under 1st Schedule ie 75% of the full scale).

However, there is a minimum scale charge of RM500 provided under the same Schedule.

As such I would take it that for love and affection transaction, there should be a standard minimal charge of RM500.

I do not consider conveyance on love and affection not worth of fees, but it is in fact a simple transaction. Work only involves preparing the MoT form, adjudication at SDO and registration at CLO.

In my practice experience, MoT by love and affection transactions are mostly genuine father and son or between spouse transactions, even the government allows them special exemption (parents to issue 50%, between spouse is 0%). I don’t see why we need to charge full scale based on “property value” on such transactions. To me, this kind of transaction even if we could only charge RM500 is a way back to the society as well (we are already getting so much charging full scales for SPA transactions and Loan transactions).

Most of them are local folks who only has one property their entire life and they just want to transfer that particular land or house to their children before they die. When I tell them they have to pay so much legal fees, they would ask for an alternative, and that would be a Will… but advise them it would be way more expensive when it comes to estate matter (where Schedule 9 applies). After hearing that, they would leave miserably… thinking why can’t they even “afford” to leave their property to their children.

And if the client is of rich family with a lot of properties, then charge each and every MoT (love and affection) transaction at RM500 separately (we would still earn enough, well maybe cannot go Europe tour but I’m fine with a trip to Hong Kong).

I don’t give a single cent discount to any other situation where ARR is applicable.

I just don’t think there is “consideration” involved in a love and affection transaction.
And I don’t consider charging RM500 for such transaction as being giving discount!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

ipod touch

iphone minus the phone… that’s ipod touch
and that’s exactly how I would wanted it!

friends been switching to iphone one by one… but I was not at all tempted… a phone is a phone… and being a person who hates picking up calls… iphone just doesn’t appeal to me…

But… when I first saw ipod touch… I went “wow, I got to have this!”

Actually, I was looking for a voice recording device for my vocal class when my techno savvy brother suggested ipod touch…

It appeals to me because, I love music and I am an online geek~

This toy would definitely be on my Christmas shopping list… so that year end bonus better be “good enough” for me to pay for one!

You hear me?



Price listed for ipod touch: RM829 (16gb), RM1,079 (32gb) & RM1,399 (64gb).
I’m good with 16gb…. don’t really need that much storage for my mp3s.