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Saturday, November 6, 2010

ipod touch

iphone minus the phone… that’s ipod touch
and that’s exactly how I would wanted it!

friends been switching to iphone one by one… but I was not at all tempted… a phone is a phone… and being a person who hates picking up calls… iphone just doesn’t appeal to me…

But… when I first saw ipod touch… I went “wow, I got to have this!”

Actually, I was looking for a voice recording device for my vocal class when my techno savvy brother suggested ipod touch…

It appeals to me because, I love music and I am an online geek~

This toy would definitely be on my Christmas shopping list… so that year end bonus better be “good enough” for me to pay for one!

You hear me?



Price listed for ipod touch: RM829 (16gb), RM1,079 (32gb) & RM1,399 (64gb).
I’m good with 16gb…. don’t really need that much storage for my mp3s.

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