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Saturday, October 23, 2010



Ibumie was Indomie…
before it’s renamed Ibumie Always Mi Goreng

That time, we were all bewildered… what’s wrong with the name Indomie… racist issue?

Then, TV advertisement came: Indomie is Back!

Huh??? So Ibumie naming back to Indomie???

With the confusions not settled… Taiwan news said Indomie is not safe for consumption… alamak!

So, my mom bought a pack of Indomie for comparison…

apparently, Ibumie is Made in Malaysia


But the factory name and address is not published…
just simply Product of Malaysia.

On the other hand, Indomie is as its name suggest, an Indonesian manufactured mee!


So, now you know the difference…

Do they taste the same?
I have not tried the Indomie yet…
although I heard it was not as nice as the Ibumie!

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