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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Card

I’ve using the old blue BonusLink card for about 10 years!
BonusLink never thought of issuing me a new card…
The corner of the card is torn off, and I requested for a replacement years ago
but the card never arrived…

Then I saw this so called “promotion” where you can get a Green BonusLink Card
for 500 points (yeah, nothing is free nowadays) and redeemed it.

At last, I got a new BonusLink card… but some time I wonder why I still want to keep this card! The points I get to collect from this card is so limited as I only use it at Parkson and Shell station! And the redemption point was always so high I never get to redeem anything…

Maybe I get about RM10 voucher in a year? That’s all for keeping this card…
I also “beh tahan” myself!

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