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Thursday, July 1, 2010

DBKK Dog License


That’s it? just a cheap plate like that? Without even the doggie’s name on it…

Just “Jantan”? How’s that going to help dog owners when their dogs went missing?

And just look at this info I got from the DBKK website:


What you should know

  1. A dog licence must be renewed each year before 31 January.

  2. All dogs aged 6 months and above which are not wearing a valid licence medallion will be destroyed.

  3. Provide proper care to your dog and ensure that it is healthy and free from any diseases.

  4. Vaccinate your dog against any diseases and obtain certification from a veterinarian.

  5. Provide a suitable kennel for your dog and take care of its cleanliness so that it is free from faeces, urine, food residue and any source of filth.

  6. All faeces, urine and other filth from the dog should be disposed off properly.

  7. Control and prevent harm or detriment to the environment and the general public

    • A dog should not be allowed to roam outside its premise without control.

    • Dog should be on a leash when brought out for walks.

    • Ensure that your dog does not bark continuously to the point of disturbing neighbours.


The following are restricted areas to dogs:-

  1. Restaurant/eating premises

  2. Public vehicles such as bus, taxi, etc.

  3. Apartments/flats

  4. Religious buildings*

  5. Hospitals/clinics (except animal clinics)

  6. Kindergartens/schools and tuition centers

  7. Recreational parks**


(If you are found to have violated specified conditions)

  1. Fine

  2. Court action

  3. If found to be astray without licence of without control, your dog will be caught and destroyed.


*All religious buildings? oops… I brought LD to the church premises before… and why can’t I bring LD to the church… so that means I cant get LD baptised by the church?! :p

**All recreational parks are off limits to doggies? Then where am I suppose to walk LD?

If only I am filthy rich, I would build a park and name it “For Dogs and Dog Lovers ONLY”!

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