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Friday, May 28, 2010

Donggongon Tamu

By chance the Wesak Holiday this year falls on a Friday, so I decide to give mom dad a “joy ride” to the famous (but which this “frog under a coconut shell” only knows about last week…).

Donggongon Tamu is held every week from Wednesday evening until Friday night.

Apparently, it’s the largest tamu in Sabah!
And even my mom who is a tamu regular exclaimed that there are so much to see in this tamu!


There’s another reason why a lazy bum like me would be willing to drive mom dad 20 over km away to tamu…  because I heard they sell the Kadazan costumes here.


Was thinking whether I should get myself a set for the WACCM opening… but the price tag is RM230!!! So… I didn’t get it at the end.

Mom bought some vegies… and a school of karuk fish!
She loves having fish as pet too…


We are currently rearing them in a Cloud 9 choco bar plastic container… :p


PS: I lost my Guess sunglasses at the tamu… (finally a reason to get a new pair)

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  1. I enjoyed the virtual visit to the Tamu! Thanks for taking me with you!