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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vet Ordeal

Noticed Little Dan started to cough
I panicked because I worry it could be heart worm infection…
After losing Boyboy to that dreadful decease… I am not taking any risk
Next day brought Little Dan to the vet!

The vet didn’t even examine Little Dan, merely asked me what’s wrong, no blood test, no physical exam, not stethoscope… in fact she didn’t even touched Little Dan!!!

She just saw two words written on Little Dan’s medical card “anjing garang” (fierce dog) and decides she is not taking any risk! |||

I can’t help thinking in my mind: If you can’t love a dog… and willing to risk your “safety” trying to cure them, why become a vet?

I told her Little Dan started to cough like vomiting… the vet straight away says, “oh that’s kernal cough”… but from what I learn from the internet, when a dog coughs, it could be due to many reasons… and the vet should at least examine and listen to the dog’s lungs!

And because Little Dan is an “anjing garang” they have to trapped him between the door and the grill to gave him the injections… I hate to see Little Dan went through that ordeal… he freaked out and was crying… lucky the ordeal went over very fast but still made Little Dan shakey… just look at him after the injections, hiding below the chairs and poke him head between my mom’s legs for little security!


I have decided not to go to this vet anymore if I could choose not to!

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  1. Poor Baby! What a lousy vet! A good vet knows how to communicate with animals. You should meet my vet, Dr. Steven Yoon! He can talk even the scarediest cat out of the carrier. All my animals, including rescued strays, love him and trust him.