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Friday, July 10, 2009

There’s a Bug in my Car

Every time I fix the aircon in my car to blow from the windscreen, there’s this “gadark gadark” sound… at first I thought the aircon must be spoiled. But I didn’t bother because I thought so long as I don’t get the aircon to blow from the windscreen, it doesn’t matter (I’m too lazy to drive the car to the service centre).

Then the other while taking my brother on a ride to KK, I saw from the windscreen reflection, a brown thingy stuck in the middle of the aircon ventilation holes… so I asked my brother to try see what it was.

My brother took his camera, zoomed in and got this picture!


Gross?! It’s a giant bug!

Till today, it is still stuck there in my car… I have no idea how it gets there, and have no idea how to get it (or its corpse) out of there!

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