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Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Casing for my ipod touch

Spent RM89 for a new casing for my ipod…
bought it from Karam-mun-sink’s Mac Borneo

They finally have a few choices of cases for ipod now…
The last I went, they have only got one ipod casing for sale… and it was a dark, black masculine casing that I didn’t like…

This time, I asked if there’s any transparent casing and the sales girl showed this soft casing to me… wow, I love it!


And came with Screen Protector too (which if bought separately cost RM59! Apple pricing… go figure!)


Also bought an AC charger and a USB car charger from the shop next to Mac Borneo… well of course at a  much much lower price!


Yay… more music with more style… it’s been a good day!
Shopping always make me feel good… :)

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