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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Dan’s new Vet


I’ve finally decided that I had enough of the previous Vet who won’t even touch my Little Dan during his visits… and switched to Century Animals.

When I stepped into the clinic, there weren’t a crowd… unlike what I usually see in the previous vet… the clinic is small but comfortable…

Little Dan was still a bit nervous…

Then Doc DL came out… a small but very nice and kind looking young chap!

When I put Little Dan up the examination table, Little Dan was shivering so hard that the whole table started to wobble… I was a bit embarrassed but Doctor just said “Don’t worry about, most dogs are nervous like that when they came up the table”…

Because Little Dan is not “very cooperative” we put a muzzle on his mouth… and the nurse checked his temperature (yes, she managed to, the last vet NEVER EVER succeeded in doing that).

What is even more amazing is, the nurse managed to draw blood from Little Dan’s leg! Doc Lim held Little Dan’s neck, and asked me to look into Little Dan’s eye to distract him from the needle… and although Little Dan did cry a little… the nurse managed to get blood sample from Little Dan!

WITHOUT HAVING to “kepit” him between two doors!

After ensuring that Little Dan is healthy and doesn’t have a any heart worm problem, Doc get ready the Pro Heart vaccine and asked me to hold Little Dan’s head… he administered the injection so fast but I was looking at him rather than Little Dan that I didn’t hold Little Dan’s head properly and Little Dan nearly snapped the Doc. But Doc just gave him a gentle whack on his buttock and gently warned him.

All through the time, Doc was talking to Little Dan, touching him and talking to us in either Mandarin or English… when he was speaking to Little Dan in English, my cute mommy even asked him to speak to Little Dan only in Chinese please, hahaha…


Look at that happy face after everything is over!
Little Dan’s injection will be due 27.08.2012!

NO MORE VET for a year… sure the boy is happy!

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