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Monday, January 3, 2011

First Wok Day of the Year

Wok Day, yupe, I meant WOK day!

Suddenly all Vendors refuse to grant extension of time for completion of Sale and Purchase Agreement and Borrower rang up scolding why I didn’t follow up with the Bank for loan release... hey, I am not your “little pony” ey!

Worst still... there I was like “an ant on a hot wok” (thus the “wok day”)... yelling at the secretary who can still act cucumber… not affected at all!

First thing in the morning, I “demanded” her to finish advice drawdown because I want them out TODAY… she just “ya ya” at me…

Half day’s gone I don’t see any draft on my desk yet. I “Sabar” only… at till 4pm “beh tahan” liao, I asked her, any drawdown done yet? You want me to check for you after 5pm? She just reply’ “Ah, you check one first lar!” Aiyoh if you have done one edi, let me check lar need I ask you for it? Or she intended to finished all 9 drawdowns and then gave it all to me at one go? Goodness me!

People usually hates bosses that gave them work near close of office… well, I have a secretary who does that to me!

Sometimes I really wonder, who’s the boss?!

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