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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Calorie Conscious

How many calories does an average person need per day?

The average person needs no less than 1200 calories per day and no more than 1500.

How many calories do I need to burn to lose a pound of fat?

3500 calories is the rough estimate for the energy contained in one pound of fat. This means that to lose one pound per week, you must create a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Since a week as 7 days, that means a deficit of 3500 / 7 = 500 calories per day.

My Diet

My breakfast: Cafe 21 (60 cal)

My meals in between (as at when I feel hungry): Jacobs High Iron crackers (35 cal each)

My dinner: 2 scrambled eggs (170 cal)* + 2 slices Multi Bake white bread (170 cal) = 340 cal

So my daily calorie consumption = 600 cal (more or less)


*Hard boiled (80 cal); Fried egg (120 cal)


Why I prefer to diet instead of exercise?

Simply because exercise is too FUTILE to fight calories!
See for yourself below:

Calories Burned During Exercise **

(1 hr for 130 lbs person)

Jogging: 400 cal
Music playing, piano, organ, violin, trumpet: 148 cal
Walking (2.0 mph, slow pace): 150 cal
<10mph, leisure: 236 cal
Swimming laps, freestyle, light/moderate effort: 470 cal
Walking, upstairs: 470 cals

Jogging one hr only lose 400 cal!
I can’t stay on with an exercise that long!
And I can’t jog, can only walk a slow pace, and for that 1 hour of walking, I only lose 150 cal, I could easily lose the same by simply not eating one meal!

**For a calories counter for other exercises click here

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  1. Don't get less than 1000kcal.. u will accumulate fats, body thot its famine :)