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Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage for a Woman

Things You'll Need:
  • bathroom scale
  • flexable measuring tape
  • piece of paper
  • pen
  • calculator


Step 1

Weigh yourself on the scale. You must be truthful about your weight to get an accurate percentage. Take your body weight in pounds and multiply it by 0.732. Record your answer. Now take your answer and add 8.987 to it. This is your #1 answer.

Step 2

Measure your wrist at the fullest part. Take the measurement in inches and divide it by 3.140. This is answer #2.

Step 3

Measure your waist at your naval. Take this measurement and multiply it by 0.157. This is answer #3.

Step 4

Measure your hips at the fullest point. Multiply this measurement by 0.249. This is answer #4.

Step 5

Measure your forearm at the fullest point. Take the measurement and multiply it by 0.434. This is answer #5.

Step 6

Calculate your lean body mass. To do this, add together answers #1 and #2. Take this new answer and subtract answer #3. Take the new answer and subtract #4. Take the new answer and add answer #5. (answer #1 + answer #2 - answer #3 - answer #4 + answer #5 = lean body mass).

Step 7

Calculate your body fat weight. To do this take your body weight (weight on the scale) and subtract your lean body mass (the answer from step 6).

Step 8

Finally you are now ready to calculate your body fat percentage. To do this take your body fat weight (from step 7) and multiply it by 100. Take this answer and divide it by your total body weight (weight on the scale). This final answer is your body fat percentage.

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