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Sunday, June 15, 2008

What it means to be a junior lawyer

Had lunch today, for a change...
it's only once a blue moon that I eat lunch!

Bumped into a few colleagues so we sat around the same table for the meal...

We started talking and...
one was telling he was so fed up with litigation and wants to do conveyancing!
Hahaha... no doubt conveyancing is a lot more less stressful, I'd surely agree!
Coz I am no litigant too...

But sometimes, we don't get to choose what we want to do.
When I first started chambering, I was so determined to be a criminal lawyer.
And because of that, I've had some very painful experience.
That totally changed my mind about pursuing a career in criminal litigation.

Then I went on to a corporate legal firm,
but I find the corporate world unfriendly...
didn't like defending big corporations in bullying the people...
so I left... and find myself here at a firm in my home town.

Where the people is less complicated
a lot more friendlier and approachable.

But, still having been a lawyer for nearly one year now,
(I was officially a lawyer on 15.06.2007)
all I can say is, it's not easy being a junior lawyer...
only those who could endure judges' humiliation in court,
those who could easily take the blame even though it's not his/her mistakes,
those who could still drag him/herself to the office every morning knowing there'll just be "unfinishable" work waiting,
those who could still smile at the end of the day after all the scoldings, threats and "unfriendly words" from clients,
those who could still sleep at night...
those who could still enjoy the "free time" of weekends...

only these can move ON, and hopefully, in 5 years time,
to move UP to be a real lawyer!


Here's what I had as my "once in a blue moon lunch":

DSC00005 DSC00009

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