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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dealing with a Cucumber

There is this urgent drawdown that I have don't know told her how many times I want to get it done before the harvest festival holidays (even drafted the DD for her)... she always just "ah ah ah" but when I check with her for the stamping status, her answer is always "I called but the person in not in", "I called but the person in charge is away" etc Then today when she gave me the same answer I got so upset, I thot whatever with the LHDN I think I can still advice bank to release on the confirmation that the loan documents are just pending stamp duty payment... so I checked all documents then this:
Me: Ey XX how come you didn't adjudicate the DARP?
XX: Ya, I saw we charge DARP stamp duty in our bill, but the document  is not there?
Me: (showing her a pile of DARP) The documents are here what
XX: I didn’t see them the other day...
Me: ... Can you please do it now
PS: I got time to type all these down because I am waiting for her to pass me back the file after she done adjudicating the DARP which should have been done on 17.05.12...

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