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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meniere Disease

Am I having Meniere Disease? Well, I don’t know, because even the doctor that examined my ears couldn’t tell.

I don’t feel dizzy, no pain…
Just having this echoic sound in my ears when I talk on the phone as if I am under water. I also hearing a lesser sound volume from my left ear compared to my right ear. I called it, “diving sensation”.

Happened to me years ago when I was still working in KL with MLJ, and I remembered the doctor I went to see whose clinic was on the KUB building, Dr Ngu! :p

Just as the doctor I saw in KK, Dr Ngu in KL told me my ears looks normal and clean, no redness or swollen or blockage… and nothing to indicate I had an ear infection.

Well, as long as I won’t lose my hearing, I am glad.

The “diving sensation” went away very fast after I saw the doctor in KL. I was hoping this time it would go away very soon too.


Doctor in KK gave me some tablets called papase and told me go see an ear specialist if the symptoms won’t go away after I finished the medication. Gosh! See a specialist? Is that really necessary?

As I was reading about the treatment for Meneire Disease from wikipedia, I was found guilty of having high sodium diet, and being an excessive caffeine drinker!  Mmm… maybe I should cut down on Maggie Seasoning and Nescafe… (you see, I am self-treating again… that’s why I always say I don’t need to see doctors!)

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