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Friday, May 1, 2009

Mighty Mugs and My Lunch

Drove out to Asia City during lunch break today… because I can’t think of anything else to do!

Took these Might Muggs shots for a friend’s friend, Mr EC who is a big fan of Star Wars.



I am not a big fan of Stars War though, I don’t really know many characters, so correct me if I’m wrong, I see Chewy* and Darth Vader**… the that golden robot (sorry I forgot his name)***, and Harrison Ford’s character (also forgot the name)****…

*That’s not chewy at all, that’s Teebo the Ewok
**That’s not Darth Vader either, it’s a Snow Trooper
***3PO is the name
****Han Solo!

Okay, so I’ve done my home work, and here’s the correct names of the characters in the picture above,
Top row from Left: Count Dooku, Snow Trooper, Clone Commander Cody, Bossk, Teebo the Ewok;
Bottom row from Left: Han Solo, Captain Rex, Biggs Darklighter, 3PO




After the Muggs shots, I had a simple lunch at Fook Yuan (sorry spelling might not be 100% correct).

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