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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was sort of assigned or obliged to take a criminal docket the other day… my first and hopefully the last criminal case.

I was a bit nervous about the case as I have not touched criminal cases at all, beside the prison visits I have during my chambering in Kuala Lumpur.

Fact is, I didn’t even know the whereabouts of the Kota Kinabalu prison!

Anyway, today I finally set my foot into the PENJARA!
Far from what I expected, the KK prison is actually quite a pleasant place, well, from the outlook of it (I didn’t have to chance to went inside the notoriously smelly Men Prison).

I was there to see a female prisoner. The security guard at the entrance was very friendly and helpful and directed me to drive into the prison precinct all the way till the end to reach the Women Prison. So, there I was driving through the nicely painted buildings, barbed wires on the prison walls… I saw some prisoners in bright green prison clothes mowing the lawn, cleaning the banisters at the corridors… it was too serene and peaceful to be a lockdown… to me, it’s more like an asylum, a place to relax! (I might be a bit exaggerated here)



Although I didn’t get to interview the prisoner as intended because I was informed by the nice lady prison police that she has been bailed out by her friend the day before, it doesn’t matter, because I’m glad to have the chance to know just a little bit more about the KK Prison (well, at least now I know where it is).


I’ve also asked the lady prison police whether the prison I wanted to see had been good during her stay and she said, “She’s okay.”

I left shortly… after a very very brief drive through the prison which lasted maybe just short of 10min. The interview was scheduled at 9am and I reached office at 9.15am!

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