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Monday, April 20, 2009

Master Title, Parent Title & Block Title

There are some conveyancing terms that were never taught in law school or law books...

Here're some of them:

Master Title is the big one land title on which many buildings are being build (can be houses, condominiums, shoplots etc). Subsequently, after the development project has been completed, the developer will have to apply for the issuance of separate Subsidiary Title (know as Strata Title in West Malaysia) for each respective unit.

Parent Title is the East Malaysian equivalent of West Malaysia’s Master Title.

Block Title is the main title given to a block of apartments or condominiums constructed on a Master Title. Subsequent to the issuance of separate Subsidiary Title (equivalent to West Malaysia’s strata title) to the different units of apartment/condominium, the entire block of building is held under a Block Title, while the respective units have its own Subsidiary Title. Quit rent is payable in respect of the Block Title. Management of the block of building will then charge each unit of apartment/condominium for its share of quit rent payable.

I hope I have not just confused people even more!

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