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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Camera Accessories

Here comes the accessories I ordered online…

These are from, I got them within 3 days:
for my LX3 lens – a blow, a lens pen and a bottle of anti-fog spray.


I’m happy with shashinki’s delivery process which provides the poslaju post tracking code… which means I get to find out the whereabouts of my purchase within those anxious delivery period.


Below is an LCD protector for LX3 which I bought through ebay which was supposed to be mailed from Hong Kong but I got a parcel with Singapore’s postage… I receive the item after one whole week! But thank God, it was not somehow “lost” within the local post office.


Have to say buying from ebay is a bit worrying… you don’t get a guarantee of when the item will be delivered, you also don’t get a postage code to track the delivery… all you get to do is to WAIT PATIENTLY. And ebay will only entertain your query if the item is not delivered within 30 days! That’s an awful long wait!

Well, if I can get the same item from shashinki, I would not have buy from ebay…

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