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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LX3 Accessories

Since I have decided to jilt the Fujifilm EXR…
I thought it would be nice to spend my Christmas bonus (pray hard there will be bonus this year) on upgrading my LX3 with accessories…

But… then I found out that I would have to spend about RM2,000 (cost more than LX3 the digicam itself) to own all those available accessories!

And even before getting the PL filter, ND filter, Wide Conversion Lens, External Optical Viewfinder, I need to get the Lens Adaptor… and this circular none impressive thingy will cost me RM109!

But wait till I tell you the prices of the other accessories to be mounted on to LX3 vide this converter!

Wide Conversion Lens 
Wide Conversion Lens RM676
(With its 0.75x magnification, mounting this lens to LX3 enables 18mm wide-angle shooting)

(Err… do I really need 18mm wide angle… since I actually prefer to take Macro photos?)



PL Filter RM330
(Increases color saturation and contrast by reducing reflections from non-metallic surfaces and by cutting through haze. Deepens sky color)



ND Filter RM90
(a "grey" filter to reduce the amount of light that can pass through the lens allowing larger aperture at a certain shutter speed… often used to achieve motion blur effects with slow shutter speeds)

(Err… why a PL Filter cost RM330 while ND Filter only RM90? Mmm… if I shot through my sunglasses, would it have the same effect as ND Filter? Mmm…)


External Optical Viewfinder … guess how much this little thing cost


(What?!! RM699 for an eye?)


And since spending so much already, might as well buy also the MC Protector at RM80!

(a multicoated filter that in Panasonic's own words assure users that it affects neither the colors nor the amount of light, so it can always be used to protect the camera's lens)

(If I could spend RM40 for the LCD protector, spending RM80 to protect the Leica Lens doesn’t seem that much! Right?)


Grand Total RM1,984!!!
Well, I think I can do without the viewfinder,
then the Grand Total can be reduced to RM1,285…

Ok lar… not so bad hoh?!

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