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Thursday, January 22, 2009

KFC Level

Since  my return from Hong Kong I've find local things all so "reasonably priced"!

So I have elevated myself to KFC level...
here's my breakfast from KFC today.

 P1040939 P1040940

This nasi lemak cost me RM4.50++
which is so "reasonable" compared to a daily breakfast in Hong Kong. Yes, I compare my daily life to HK all the time... that's all I get the idea that Malaysia is CHEAP.

Then again the sad thing is, I am still just a KFC level. Many teenagers are already at KFC level while surviving on parental allowances. Me? I have just only been at this level now!

The next level will be Dome Level... sigh! That is a long long long LONG... way to go! Once I reach Dome Level, then I hope HK price has not changed much, then I might finally find HK "afforadable".

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