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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Otospa Car Care Centre

I thought the name was Octopus...
it was actually Otospa as in Automobile Spa!

I need to service my car and my friend recommended this place she says the mechanic "knows what's wrong with your car by simply listening to the engine"!

So here I am
I brought along the Minyak Pelincir (as I was told if I don't they will use second grade oil).

The entrance

entrance from inside

Spacious waiting area with free flow of coffee and sky juice.


A vending machine for those who fancy soft drinks instead of coffee.

What's more this care service centre provides free wifi!

Their charges? For oil change, labour charge RM15! Yupe, RM15 only!

This will definitely become my chosen car service centre from now onwards!!

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