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Friday, January 30, 2009

Xin Wang @ 1Borneo



The restaurant has indeed very nice setting and atmosphere...

If you took a picture with the backdrop of the Hong Kong City night scenery, you might even cheat a friend that you just been dining in Hong Kong...





Mango Milk... not bad! (well, I'm a mango maddie)   

The food, however, .... see for yourself... notice the withered vegetable? And guess what, the chicken chop was rotten! I had to ask them to cook me another meal after tasting the meat... first I thought it was the seasoning but it tasted like salted fish! So I asked the waitress to have the chef check the meat. She came back confirming with apologies that the meat was indeed spoiled! OMG! Sigh... the rice was actually very nice and tasty but after the rotten meat incident I would be wary to give them a second chance!

But the mango milk was nice... and I was told their mango snow ice is even better... too bad they can't serve that the day we went as they are out of mango jelly.

P1050016  Maybe next time... just for the mango madness!

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