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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheap Lawyer

In West Malaysia, as there is a No Discount Rule issued by the Bar Council, lawyers can “terang-terang” say to their clients that they are unable to give any discount further than 30% (conditions apply).

In KK, if we say we are not supposed to give discount (there is our Advocates Remuneration Ordinance which provides a formula for legal fees)… the client will say, “I’ll get quotation from another firm”.

In West Malaysia, there is also a rule that lawyers cannot charge miscellaneous charges for disbursements beyond RM50. But lawyers can charge RM100 for printing and photocopying, RM150 for transportation, RM80 for telephone, fax and postage, which totals up to RM330 on top of the misc of RM50…

That’s RM380 for misc!

In KK, we only charge one miscellaneous fee of RM100 (some times can be forced to reduce further), which include printing, photocopying, telephone, fax & postage etc!

That’s why I feel so cheap!

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