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Friday, June 12, 2009

How much a private jet cost?

Bro A sent me a link to this blog alleging that our CM is missing
(Ritz is not gonna be held responsible for the content of that blog)

We happened to be on our way to the airport last Sunday, and was … at the arrogance of the patrol police “stopping” all cars to the left side of the road to give way to some “black cars”. Yes, all cars were STOPPED, not allowed to move at all. Normally you just wave the cars to the left to make way for one lane, but in this case, all cars were ordered to MATI TEPI JALAN.

Both me and my brother were so curious what kind of VIP would be heading to KKT2, flying with Airasia? When we finally reached the KKT2, we saw a private jet parked at the VVIP lot… oh! PRIVATE JET!

Wow, if a there is a Sabahan who owns a private jet here, I sure would like to know who and how to achieve one :)

Anyone, for those who would like to know just how much a private jet cost, click here.

private jet

This is such a nice picture!

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