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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have been a Criminal Lawyer for once

My first appearance as a criminal lawyer at a criminal court… and I didn’t need to utter one single word!

Before trial, I had a brief discussion with the prosecution who informed me that one of the co-accused has decided to plea guilty and has agreed to exonerate the other two co-accused one of whom is my client (pro bono).

I was told that, as long as one of them plead guilty and admit that all the drugs were his and has nothing to do with the other duo, the court will direct that the accused make give fresh statements at the police station where they were arrested to, and if the police decide to drop charge against the other duo, prosecution will be instructed to discontinue the prosecution…

As such, during “trial”, no cross examination or presentation for defense is needed.

Before “trial” and before one of them plead guilty, at the back of the court the three accused have actually agreed to share the fine imposed on the accused who is pleading guilty in order to exonerate the other duo…

I’m sure this has happened before and will still happen in the future, I don’t know if this is justice… in fact I don’t know what to say or how to comment.

I know there are ways to put off the prosecution case due to lack of evidence and if really argued it would be difficult for the prosecution to prove prima facie case, but I also know that all three are most probably guilty… for one to admit guilty and the rest to share the fine serves as a form of penalty to all three of them as well, and I do hope it would be a good deterrent to them.

But I am not so confident of that either.

I am not so sure what is court justice anymore…
that is why although I once was so passionate about doing criminal law, is now fully contended with being a all paper work conveyancing lawyer!

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