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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Olympus Pen Or Nikon D700


I was not so impressed with the Oympus Pen until I saw it with my own eyes… and touched it with my own hands! It feels so good! I don’t know much of the specs but I like the feel and its looks!

Its heavy and solid, makes you feel like you holding a very sophisticated instrument. It also has a very classy and classic look… holding the camera is like transcending time… I don’t know how to describe it properly in English, but I was impressed!

Only one thing though, I never liked the name Olympus (just like I never liked a camera with brand usually associated with home electrical appliances like Panasonic, but I am using LX3 now).


Nikon… I’ve always thought if I ever having a DSLR, it has to be a Nikon... simply because I like the name ~ the K-element! “C”anon got not enough POWER! Anyway, here’s the highly recommended DSLR by my Brother I… the D700 at RM9,688... what can I say?

I’ve also get hands on with the Fujifilm EXR… although I have been contemplating getting the camera as a Christmas present for myself, I am having second thoughts now after holding the camera. It just feel so insignificant… so unsophisticated, and so like… just another ordinary digital camera… I didn’t like the buttons at all, no improvement there at all… sigh!


By the way, saw other expensive classic looking digicam also…
here are they… like collectibles !


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