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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sabahan can be ridiculously rude too!

I was queuing at the ATM machine, this woman was using the other ATM machine beside me, I was queuing at the back of this woman’s “apparent husband”, then the machine she was using was Out of Order, so she just came over to her husband’s side and cut the queue right in front of me! I thought I had to say something seeing that there are so many people already queuing behind me, so I said:

"Cik, boleh berbaris ka?"

Because of that, I got an ugliest fierce stare from this woman who started yelling at me with her “apparent husband” adding

"Kau ingat ini Sabah kau punyar ka"

"kita ada agency ha"

Then she continued using the ATM… after withdrawing her cash, before she leave the place, at the glass door there she continued,

"kau keluar sekarang, saya mau tampar kau"

"jangan biar saya nampak kau di luar nanti, jaga kau, ha"

“kita ada agency”

“pukimak pukimak pukimak”

… … …

This happened in Sabah, the heaven I thought all the inhabitants were so nice and friendly!

*** *** ***

By the way, the bank officers were there and even the security guard were there along of other people at the queue…

And did anyone speak up for me when I was verbally battered?

Only after that woman left all the sympathetically comments came out,

“So rude, dia sendiri yang tidak berbaris mau marah orang lagi”

“Kalau dia cantik tak pa, ini tak cantik langsung…”

the Bank Officer even said “Nevermind lar this kind of person”

Fellow Sabah brothers and sisters, please if this happen again to you or to anyone near you, please stand together and fight back! Those in the right should not be afraid to stand against the wrong, no matter how fierce they may seem!

They’re just all words, as a matter of fact, although I was very mad, I wasn’t the least afraid of that woman.

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  1. How do you react when a bad, mad,ugly dog barks at you?