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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pet Maintenance



Went to the pet shop near Luyang Specialist Centre as my brother in KL asked me to get a dog leash for Yumiko…

Of course I didn’t just leave with the dog leash but ended up buying other things “by the way”.

So I got two portable water dispensers, one for Little Dan and one for Yumiko. I think it is very useful as nowadays I would fetch Little Dan for a ride in my car and the water dispenser is practical!

Oh and, Little Dan’s shampoo just finished after last Sunday’s bath, so I got a bottle of shampoo, I told the shop assistant Little Dan’s fur got entangled all the time and she got me the extra moisturizing shampoo and prevents tangle coupled with a baby power conditioner! Oh the smell of baby powder… so sweet! I got to have it!

And the little crystal brush is for scrubbing Little Dan’s fur while giving him a bath… the shop assistant said Little Dan would enjoy it… well, I hope he does!


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