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~ definition by Merriam Webster

... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lawyerish Lawyer I am not

That's Yoda language... :)

Definition of "lawyerish"?
That's a lawyer that looks, acts, talks like a lawyer!

I think there is a certain type of human that actually born to be superior. I don't know how to explain it... but since small, I know I'm not accepted into their group.

I remember when I was a kid, still going Sunday School, that there is this group of kids that wear very nice dresses and fancy shoes... and oh, they each got a pretty purse or fancy shoulder bags... before Sunday School starts while kids still roaming around, you will realised all the front seats are "book" with the placement of a fancy bag on the little chairs.

As an ordinary kid, I know I can't sit there, and will move to the the back seat.

Frankly, I have never enjoyed my Sunday School. One thing I learned since then though, that there are "unseen ranks" in this world!

So lawyerish lawyer is another phenomenon I noticed... whenever I'm in court, I know there are certain lawyers you can speak to and joke with freely... and then there is another group (very small group as most lawyers here are down to earth) whom I call "real lawyers". They are not proud or snobs, they are just "very proper". :)

Me? I'm just an ordinary person wearing a penguin suit.

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