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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Without Air

It's been a miserable day at work today... the central air con system broke down and I had to work in an office not only without air con but without even the bare necessity - a fan! That is more miserable than having no air con at home because I would have at least the fan to "stir the air". Without a cooling fan, with the heat from outside the window... my office is like a sauna room... hot and stuffy...


At noon, I just can't bare with it anymore and decided to drove out to Karamunsing for McD ice-cream... Well, of course at the end I didn't had what I wanted (there was a queue and I just have no more patience to spare)... but I did manage to wander into The Signature and found the book I couldn't find at the Popular Bookshop the other day, the Narnia Chronicles. Surprisingly, The Signature has actually quite a big collection of books... They even have a whole range of Insight City Guides but too bad they don't have the Hong Kong Macau & Guangzhou I wanted!

I should spend more time in The Signature one day and explore its book collection.

Today, despite the HOT ORDEAL, I'm contended to have bought myself the Narnia Chronicles which costs me RM79.90 as a Christmas Present for myself!


PS: Oh, I also bought a packet of Sun Flower seeds at RM7.70 (only 5-6 seeds in the packet)!!! I hope to have sun flowers in the garden for the Chinese New Year 2009...


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